Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Additional TCA Talk: More 'Arrow', 'Supernatural', and 'Weeds'...

There is something just so incredibly timely and poignant about The CW debuting Arrow, a vigilante superhero drama, this fall. Coming at a time when just about every political party is experiencing some unrest, Arrow is the perfect way to project one’s own feelings about the corrupt elite. Within the comic books, and therefore the series, he takes action against those whose greed and corporate one-percentism have ruined a once-thriving city. However, the series producers wanted to make it clear that in Oliver Queen’s (Stephen Amell) quest to “give back to the little people,” he never takes rash or immoral action without giving even the baddest guys a chance to right their wrongs. In that sense, he may just be too good to be true and the hero we all need to believe in right now... [MORE] 

"Jeremy Carver talks taking Supernatural back to basics"

"There's a little note card in my office that goes three seasons, but that's not to say it couldn't go more," Jeremy Carver told LA TV Insider Examiner when we asked him just how far he was planning the mythology for Supernatural... [MORE]

"Showtime sends off Weeds in Los Angeles"

"We knew it was the end just before the season started," Weeds showrunner Jenji Kohan told critics at the final TCA presentation for her Showtime comedy in Los Angeles earlier today... [MORE]

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