Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Celebrating My New Coverage of 'Teen Wolf' and 'The Glee Project' on Celebuzz...

I am happy to announce my professional gigs have expanded once again, as I started writing for this week in their newly forming TV department. Right now I have two very specific and distinct shows on my beat, for which I am writing preview posts and recaps, and soon live-blogs of episodes. They are both hot topics of the summer, so I hope you will check out my coverage over there, especially when I post my links here.

My first few articles about Teen Wolf and The Glee Project for Celebuzz:

"Teen Wolf Preview: The Beauty and the Beast? (VIDEO)"

MTV’s Teen Wolf finally answered the question on every werewolf fan’s mind a few weeks ago when it revealed the seeming cause for Jackson’s (Colton Haynes) wide eyes and shaky behavior: He is the kanima. But just as that one mystery was solved, it brought with it a whole new slew of questions that the next all new episode, “Restraint,” will only scratch the surface of answering... [MORE] 

"Teen Wolf Recap: Showers, Fights, and Unlikely Partnerships"

Genre shows sometimes get a bad rap for dragging out its mythology in favor of week to week “cases” when a series is still young enough not to have an end date in sight. But MTV’s Teen Wolf is stepping it up week to week, not afraid to unravel new pieces of its mystery week after week. “Restraint” certainly did that in abundance by not only revealing the truth behind Jackson’s (Colton Haynes) adoption, but also revealing the truth behind Lydia’s (Holland Roden) hallucinations... [MORE] 

"The Glee Project Top 9: How They Would Fit in at McKinley High (PHOTOS)"

Last season there ended up being about seventeen winners of The Glee Project. Ryan Murphy fell in love with so many of his special little snowflakes, he wanted to write them all into his hit show. This year, though, he is insistent that there will be only one winner at the end of the season. It makes sense: There are already far too many characters on Glee to service individually without adding another handful. All this means is that competition should be much more cutthroat. After all, no one goes on reality shows to make friends, right? So far, though, we could make a case for just about every kid taking the title — and the role. And just how would we cast The Glee Project kids on Glee? Well, we’re so glad you asked! ... [MORE]

"The Glee Project Recap: Sue Sylvester, Slushies, and Swimsuit Tension (VIDEO)"

We’re officially within the Top 10 of The Glee Project season two, with only nine contenders still standing and singing their hearts out for that coveted role on glee. And now that the show is down to nine, it seems like it’s finally focused on celebrating talent, rather than type…at least, that’s what we hope for it going forward. We hate to say it (okay, no, we don’t), but until this week it felt like a lot of kids were skating by because of their interesting back-stories, rather than actually being able to vocally blow Ryan and Co. out of the water. Sure, there may still be one or two we’re still questioning in the Top 9, but for the most part, competition is fierce, and this was the week for those few who have been playing it safe or just not opening up as much to really bring it—because this week was “Fearlessness” week... [MORE

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