Monday, July 23, 2012

FOX TCA Talk: 'The Mindy Project', 'Ben and Kate', Mariah Carey, 'The Mob Doctor', 'The X Factor', and 'Fringe'...

The Mindy Project, stemming from the mind of Mindy Kaling, is FOX' newest quirky girl comedy, a half-hour about a woman who is still a "work in progress," especially in the romance department. As a writer/producer and star, Kaling plays the titular Mindy, a character based on herself and her own ideals... [MORE]

Ben and Kate creator Dana Fox joked earlier today at the FOX TCA presentation in Los Angeles that her real life brother Ben, on which her new FOX half-hour comedy is based, is finally vindicated because the world-- or at least this one show-- revolves on him... [MORE]

"American Idol officially signs Mariah Carey"

It's official. Mariah Carey is coming to American Idol... [MORE]

"The Mob Doctor dissected by Jordana Spiro, Josh Berman, & Rob Wright"

Josh Berman and Rob Wright's new FOX drama, The Mob Doctor, takes the flip side of their other series, Drop Dead Diva. Instead of "two women who lead one life, [The Mob Doctor explores] one woman who leads two lives.... [MORE]

"Simon Cowell, Britney Spears, & Demi Lovato introduce you to the new X Factor"

Earlier today at the FOX TCA presentation in Los Angeles, President of Entertainment Kevin Reilly called new The X Factor judge Britney Spears "feisty" and pointing out that she's "not afraid to lay it on the line." For a woman who grew up in the music business, she has certainly seen (and done) just about everything. But having come through the Disney machine, does that make her more or less qualified to judge others on technical attributes with which she herself might not shine? ... [MORE]

"FOX sends of Fringe with one final TCA panel in L.A."

With the "allowance" of Fringe getting a fifth and final season, FOX President of Entertainment Kevin Reilly addressed the TCA in Los Angeles today to say that he hopes he has regained some of the "Comic Con cred" for the network. After all, he granted executive producer J.H. Wyman the opportunity to wrap up the emotionally (and scientifically) complex genre drama with a final thirteen episodes, while many networks just pull the plug on under-performing shows, regardless of rabid fan support... [MORE]

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