Saturday, July 14, 2012

From LA Examiner: Austin Basis Teases 'Beauty and the Beast'; 'Once Upon A Time' Season Two Spoilers...

When pilot season rolls around for an actor, there are usually two classifications that available parts fall into: the leads and the "friends." The lead roles are the ones that carry the pilot, and the subsequent series they may be so lucky to make. They are in every scene, often opposite each other, and they get trotted out for presentations and promotion as the "stars." The "friends" are pretty much any character that is acts as support (or even conflict) for the leads. Over time their characters will be further fleshed out and back story explored, but at the pilot level they serve as devices... [MORE]

The Once Upon a Time cast and creators came to Comic Con today to talk about what kind of magic fans could expect from season two now that, well, magic was unleashed in Storybrooke. But not everything they said was of the happy kind of news to all fans... [MORE]

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