Wednesday, July 25, 2012

From LA Examiner: 'Awkward' Renewed But What About A Movie?; Lucas Neff Teases 'Raising Hope's' Premiere; JoAnna Garcia Swisher Talks 'Animal Practice'; Adam Harrington Goes From 'The Secret Circle' to 'The Mob Doctor'; 'The Short-Com Comedy Hour' Announced...

Though MTV airs its sassy high school comedy Awkward during the summer months, its characters are always trapped in other seasons, which keeps them confined to their school. It means all the more special occasions for us, as they attend football games and pep rallies and dances, but it also at times leaves us to wonder just what these kids would be like if they could really let loose without having to worry about the person they may still posture to be in the halls or when surrounded by cliques... [MORE]

"Lucas Neff teases a "big life change" coming in the Raising Hope S3 premiere"

"In our very first episode this year, we have a big life change coming one of our main family member's way," Raising Hope series star Lucas Neff teased for LA TV Insider Examiner when we caught up with him at the FOX TCA party in Los Angeles earlier this week... [MORE]

"Is sitcom veteran JoAnna Garcia Swisher the straight-woman of Animal Practice?"

It used to be a rare sight to see in Hollywood that a young, pretty woman would want to play the fool week after week on a television comedy, even if that was where the most fun could be had. Too much attention often gets paid to image and attempts to be taken too seriously. Thankfully, though, actresses like JoAnna Garcia Swisher are finding their own kind of empowerment in humor... [MORE]

"Adam Harrington reflects on Secret Circle, looks forward to The Mob Doctor"

Last fall LA TV Insider Examiner started a hashtag on Twitter for #MoreEthan on The Secret Circle. Adam Harrington was a highlight of that show for us, with such a dark and complex character to explore, but sadly the series came to an end before they could fully even scratch the surface of his potential. These days, though, Harrington is sitting pretty (and a bit more grounded in reality) over on FOX' The Mob Doctor, and we have already pledged to create a #MoreYork hashtag for him there, if need be. But first, we caught up with him at the FOX TCA party in Los Angeles to talk about his dramatic year... [MORE]

"The Short-Com Comedy Hour coming to FOX, Summer 2013"

In a little bit of straggler TCA news, FOX announced today the launch of a new programming platform coming next summer. The Short-Com Comedy Hour will feature four "shot-coms" in an hour-long TV broadcast. Each short-com will feature established actors as well as some up-and-comers in one-act scenes, creating a new kind of showcase for the best and brightest voices. We sense a lot of UCB style Funny or Die action to take over as of Summer 2013! ... [MORE]

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