Monday, July 16, 2012

From LA Examiner: Julia Goldani Telles Teases 'Bunheads' Rebellion; Gaius Charles Takes the 'Necessary Roughness' Field; Jennifer Nettles' Double 'Duets' Chances...

"Julia Goldani Telles talks Sasha’s rebellion on Bunheads"

“Each girl has a struggle that's very unique to a particular type of teenage girl,” Bunheads co-star Julia Goldani Telles explained during a junket here in Los Angeles to promote the show... [MORE]

"Gaius Charles puts the pads back on for Necessary Roughness"

Just because Gaius Charles is back on television in a football uniform doesn’t mean he is playing Friday Night Lights’ Smash 2.0! His new role on Necessary Roughness, in many ways, allows him to get to do all of the things Smash wished he could have, still with a few mistakes made along the way to get to such a pro level... [MORE]

Duets is heading into its first season live finale with all three of its contestants standing being male. But a bigger headline than that is two of the three contestants are coming from Jennifer Nettles’ team, something that some other vocal competition shows treat as impossible... [MORE]

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