Friday, July 6, 2012

From LA Examiner: Lauren Iungerich Talks 'Awkward' Mystery'; 'Duets' Eliminee Interviews...

With the carefrontation letter mystery being solved in season one, you didn’t really think Awkward’s sophomore year would backslide into just another teen comedy, did you? Series creator Lauren Iungerich is weaving a much more intricate web than that, so naturally, season two starts off with a brand new mystery in the form of an anonymous commenter on Jenna’s (Ashley Rickards) blog... [MORE]

"Tonight's ousted Duets contestant and superstar speak out"

If you haven't watched the second live episode of Duets yet, you may want to stop reading. After last week's first ever live show from Los Angeles, show host Quddus announced that the top five would be narrowed down to four at the top of the next episode, leaving one contestant (and one superstar) having prepared a song that America would never get to see. The results were in tonight, and sadly it was Robin Thicke's girl Olivia Chisholm who was sent home... [MORE]

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