Tuesday, July 10, 2012

From LA Examiner: 'Perception' Spoilers From Eric McCormack; Andra Fuller Talks New 'The L.A. Complex'; Matt Fahey Answers for His 'Awkward' Behavior; 'Switched at Birth' Return + Book Details...

"Perception spoilers from Eric McCormack (VIDEO)"

TNT doesn’t want you to know too much about Perception, their newest crime procedural. Though you know Dr. Daniel Pierce (Eric McCormack) is something of A Beautiful Mind style genius (only with schizophrenia as his ailment), there are still quite a few secrets to be learned in the pilot. His little quirks—and the special way in which he goes about solving cases—is what makes this crime show different than all the others, after all. And that is one element that series star McCormack promised would be prevalent in each episode this season... [MORE] 

"Andra Fuller on the “very dark time” ahead for The L.A. Complex’s Kal"

When The L.A. Complex took its mini-hiatus earlier this summer, it did so without the cliffhanger one might expect from this modern version of Melrose Place (and what was Melrose Place known for if not its cliffhangers…and adultery?). When Kaldrick King (Andra Fuller) got caught kissing Tariq (Benjamin Charles Watson) in the studio and beat him bloody while screaming obscenities at him, it was emotional, but not really a “Where do they go from there?” moment. After all, there is no way Tariq could respectably take Kal back, right? Yet, Kal is back and better than ever with the new episodes just about to start. So, maybe we do have to ask, where can Kal go from here!? ... [MORE]

The interesting thing to note about season two of Awkward, especially if you’re looking for signs that these kids are maturing, even only over the course of a few days, is that Ricky Schwartz (Matt Fahey) and Tamara (Jillian Rose Reed) are actually able to last a few days without breaking up. That’s significant progress for a guy like Ricky, but is it permanent—proof he is turning over a new leaf with the new year? We asked Fahey to weigh in... [MORE]

"Hyperion to release Switched at Birth character memoir this summer"

Isn't it frustrating when a beloved character from a television show works in entertainment his or herself and releases a new piece of media that fans can't actually purchase? We're looking at you, Dan Humphrey and Gossip Girl! Well, ABC Family feels your pain, and that is why Kathryn Kennish's much anticipated memoir in Switched at Birth is actually being released online through Hyperion Books... [MORE]

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