Thursday, July 12, 2012

More from LA Examiner: 'Duets' Sends Home One More; 'Dexter' Season Premiere Footage...

"Duets sends [SPOILER] home before the final three"

It was the penultimate episode of ABC's Duets tonight, but before the final three could take the stage to sing one last duet with their superstars, as well as to go outside the boundaries of the title and take on a solo, someone had to be sent home. Last week, the final four performed for America's votes, and when all was said and done, it was sadly John Legend's lady Bridget Carrington whose time was up... [MORE]  

"Debra confronts Dexter in the first two minutes of season seven (VIDEO)"

At the end of an admittedly rocky season of Dexter, fans were treated to a moment that many of them had been literally waiting for years to see. After facing up to the fact that she puts her baby brother on a pedestal, Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) walked on him...with a body on a slab in front of him. In that moment, they were so much more than just brother and sister, though; they were also cop and criminal. Would professional instincts rule over personal ones? Would Debra choose to overlook, to protect, or to shoot... [MORE]

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