Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Word on 'Homeland' from Damian Lewis...

"Any good show finds a context and a narrative with which to ask more serious questions, and this seems to be asking all sorts of questions, in my view. Carrie represents a sort of a broken, slightly sort of hobbling west at the moment. And your country is rebuilding yourself, as is mine. We're all trying to. The glory years are gone. But she represents the best hope. Brody represents-- he's a strong anti-war message: the effects of war on an individual, how that can poison an individual and then poison people around him. He's like a suppurating sore that will, I imagine, need to be lanced at some point. And so there are these bigger stories. You know, can nation states commit acts of terrorism? Do you believe they can? Do they? Do we? How do we perpetrate our war on terror? Was it justified? It goes on and on. It's a good show, isn't it?"

-- Damian Lewis, Showtime's Homeland TCA presentation, July 2012

It shouldn't be rare that an actor thinks so deeply about the project he or she is working on, but in my line of work, I have noticed, increasingly, that it is. Especially with the younger generation. It's disheartening that so many look at Hollywood and its films and television shows as products, a means to an end, mere jobs-- rather than a beautiful mix of art, philosophy, and politics. 

It shouldn't be rare that writers dive so deeply into story and use surface action and tension to offer commentary on society on a larger scale. But again, I find that it is. I don't know how the percentage breaks down of writers not wanting to "go there" allegorically versus networks not allowing them to, but it just makes a show like Homeland stand that much farther ahead of the pack for treating the audience as intelligent and still challenging them to think and learn even more.

Kudos, all around, Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa!

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