Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Additional TCA Talk: 'Up All Night', 'Shameless', 'The Newsroom'; 'Go On' Advance Review...

"Up All Night cancels Ava's show but hires Sean Hayes"


There's a shake-up coming to NBC's Up All Night! [SPOILER ALERT] ... [MORE]

The Gallagher kids on Showtime’s Shameless are in many ways already little adults. With their father Frank (William H. Macy) absent so much of the time (and unaware for the rest of it), they have had to band together to raise themselves and each other. But what has always been fascinating about the sibling dynamics is that the older ones still look out for the babies of the family, protecting them as much as they can from just how bad things may be. As the show moves into season three, though, the kids are older and therefore more tuned into what the real situation is, and things are about to get pretty dicey! ... [MORE]

"HBO TCA Talk: Enlightened & Girls return dates, a Larry David movie, more"

HBO has confirmed the second-season debuts of the acclaimed series Enlightened and Girls today during the TCA presentation in Los Angeles, with both shows scheduled to kick off ten-episode second seasons in January 2013... [MORE]

"Aaron Sorkin addresses The Newsroom criticism in Los Angeles"

"There's only one Aaron Sorkin, and we're proud that he's working with us," HBO's Presidents of Programming Michael Lombardo and Richard Pleper assured critics during the network's TCA presentation today in Los Angeles... [MORE]

"Fall TV Preview: NBC's Go On"

Stop us if you’ve heard this before: Matthew Perry plays a self-deprecating man-child having trouble getting over something personal. And how about this? A group of seemingly opposite strangers are thrown together but end up helping each other work through those personal things. On its broadest level, Go On combines elements of both Mr. Sunshine (Perry’s previous project for ABC) and Community (NBC’s current cult hit), but to compare the shows too closely would be doing a disservice to this new one, which is full of Perry’s usual sardonic charm but also some heart all its own... [MORE]

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