Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Danielle and Marisa Have Thoughts...About Fall TV: Enjoyable Drama Edition...

It's that time again... VODCAST TIME!

In this installment, fresh off TCA's fall TV presentations, Marisa and I present our snap judgements of some new fall shows. First up? The dramas that grabbed us... in the good way.

Yes, folks, since we have oh, so many thoughts, we not only split these by genre, but also by the shows we were pleased by, and those we were disappointed by. We looked at three shows for each category, and we are uploading the discussions based on the show. But don't feel like you have to skip them for fear of spoilers; we only discussed the overall story, tone, and themes, not the nitty gritty specifics. Those will be saved for actual, in-depth reviews closer to show premieres.

Be warned, though: we did get a little show-happy, comparing some of these new ones to ones of TV's yesteryear (cough, Smash and LOST, cough).

If you caught Arrow at Comic Con, do you agree or disagree with our thoughts on the show thus far? And are you interested in tuning into Nashville and Last Resort more or less after what we said about them? I'm curious! Tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

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