Thursday, August 9, 2012

From LA Examiner: 'Dallas' Secrets Spilled; 'Dexter' Season Seven Photos; Paley Center Fall Preview Schedule; 'Animal Practice' Advance Review...

The original Dallas was a master at dragging out emotional arcs to keep the internal romantic and other family tension going for episode after episode, season after season. But the original Dallas started airing on a major television network in the 1970s, at a time when soap operas were successful for slow-burning story arcs... [MORE]

"FIRST LOOK PHOTOS: Yvonne Strahovski, Ray Stevenson, & Jason Gedrick on Dexter"

Though Showtime has been pretty secretive about the major twists and turns coming in season seven of Dexter, they have been very generous with the visual previews so fans can begin to put pieces together for themselves. In addition to premiering the first few minutes of the season premiere at Comic Con, today they have released a number of images from the first three episodes of the season to whet your appetite... [MORE]

"Julie Gonzalo speculates Rebecca's Dallas season two moves"

With Dallas coming to a first season close with the big cliffhanging shocker that Rebecca (Julie Gonzalo) is actually Cliff Barnes' daughter, infiltrating the Ewing family out of a long-standing feud, not simply a short con. But while the audience has been let in on this secret and now knows just how much she is not to be trusted, her sometimes doting, sometimes explosive husband Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) is still somewhat in the dark. He knows she lied to him about who she is, just not to what extent. So what can Rebecca's season two move be... [MORE]

"Arrow, The New Normal, Scandal more stars coming to Paley's fall preview"

It's that time of year again! The Paley Center for Media is opening their doors-- for free!-- to the general public, not just members, for Fall TV Preview Week and LA TV Insider Examiner has the scoop on which shows and stars will be in attendance when! ... [MORE]

"Fall 2012 TV Preview: NBC’s Animal Practice

The biggest star on NBC this fall might just be Crystal the Monkey. Going from such blockbuster films as The Hangover, The Hangover 2, and We Bought a Zoo, Crystal also appeared on Community for the past few years as Annie’s Boobs. However, these days Crystal is the third lead on Animal Practice, a new half-hour comedy also starring Justin Kirk and JoAnna Garcia Swisher, and quite frankly, the monkey is the most charming part of the show. But as cute and talented as Crystal is, that is a shame. The show has stars worthy of their own television show, and right now they are being shoved to backseat in favor of a spectacle—and not an entirely clever one... [MORE]

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