Monday, August 13, 2012

From LA Examiner: 'Inbetweeners' Advance Review; 'The Voice' Needs Some Changes; 'Smash' Stages a 'Will & Grace' Reunion; Jewel Staite's 'L.A. Complex' Mugshot...

MTV became a hit with the teenage audience once for speaking to their generation through popular music videos, and now they’re out to do it again with snarky high school comedies. The summer of 2011 brought us the clever, quippy Awkward for the girls, and this summer of 2012, the guys are getting their turn, too, with an adaptation of a British series, Inbetweeners. We never thought we’d see the day where kids wanted to spend their summers going back to school, but MTV has created the seemingly impossible by tackling series that allow you to laugh at adolescence—while still learning how to avoid similarly embarrassing situations in your own high school careers... [MORE]

"What The Voice can learn from Duets

It’s no secret that Duets wasn’t exactly a ratings winner this summer for ABC, despite the star power of its superstars Jennifer Nettles, Robin Thicke, John Legend, and Kelly Clarkson. But there were a number of things that the show managed to get right in only its first cycle. Now that NBC is prepping The Voice for a third season—and its first heavy-hitting fall installment, at that—major show changes are coming down the pike. Going up against The X Factor for the attention of reality singing competition fans but without a new look, The Voice is instead relying on a new format to (re)entice its audience. Here’s how we feel adopting some of Duets’ techniques will make The Voice a more stellar show... [MORE]

"Smash stages a Will & Grace reunion in season two"

Just this weekend we were doing a Will & Grace rewatch for nostalgia reasons, and today it's like NBC heard our call, as they have announced the casting of Sean Hayes in Smash season two. But no, he won't be playing a potential love interest of Debra Messing's! ... [MORE]

"FIRST LOOK: The L.A. Complex gets rocky(er) for Raquel"

Though last week's The L.A. Complex ended with a terrible drunk driving PSA type car crash, you didn't really think the series would kill off one of its stars, did you? ... [MORE]

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