Thursday, August 16, 2012

From LA Examiner: Lake Bell 'On Directing'; More 'Dexter' S7 Spoilers; 'Beauty and the Beast' Poster...

Childrens Hospital star Lake Bell has done a lot of wacky things in her four year run on the web series-turned-Adult Swim "short" show. But none might be crazier than getting to direct Henry Winkler in a fight scene against a thirteen year old girl... [MORE]

"Dexter season seven trailer shows someone else getting close to his secret"

Showtime has released a shocking trailer for the seventh season of Dexter this morning, and you may be wondering just what can be more shocking than Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) learning the truth about who and what her brother (Michael C. Hall) is...well, how about someone else in Miami Metro inching closer to Dexter's truth? ... [MORE]

"The Beauty and the Beast set is not just a Smallville insiders' club"

“At that point in time, when I was like eighteen, nineteen, twenty years old, I didn’t know to actually talk to the writers,” Kristin Kreuk confided in LA TV Insider Examiner about her earliest days on Smallville... [MORE]

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