Monday, August 27, 2012

From LA Examiner: 'New Girl' Relationship Talk; Advance Reviews of 'Switched at Birth', 'Ben and Kate', and 'The Mindy Project'...

"Jake Johnson talks Nick and Jess for New Girl season two"

The first season on New Girl, every character had their own amount of learning, growing, and maturing to do, but arguably it was Nick (Jake Johnson) who had the farthest to go. He was struggling in just about every aspect of life in which one can have a tough time-- from his romantic to professional endeavors and even his ability to keep himself clean (remember when he imparted the wisdom that he does not need to wash his towel because "the towel washes me?"). Through comedy, though, it was easy to be endeared to Nick-- because you just wanted to pick him as your project. And if that's the Nick you fell in love with, you will be happy to learn that it's still the Nick you will get in season two, despite an attempt to do some very adult things at the end of last year... [MORE]

The FOX family is trying their hand at a new kind of family this fall with their half-hour comedy, Ben and Kate, starring Oscar winner Nat Faxon and Dakota Johnson as a brother and sister against the world. But while the show sets up quirky and unique characters, the pilot episode had us waiting for one more punchline: that the two weren’t really biologically brother and sister at all-- because their chemistry was just crossing over the line of playful when you took their bloodline into consideration. We’re all for exploring different kinds of relationships on television, but this one, thus far, exhibits so much of the traditional “will they/won’t they” tension it’s unintentionally awkward... [MORE

If you follow Mindy Kaling on Twitter or have read her book, you know the kind of smart, observational commentary she makes on everything from ethnicity to relationships to women’s “issues.” But she often does it with such a layer of cuteness covering it that you don’t realize the profound statement she is making right away, allowing it to go down a bit easier. Her new FOX half-hour comedy pilot, aptly titled The Mindy Project, feels like the perfect set-up for a series of similar statements. She's just easing her audience in... [MORE

"Switched at Birth return sees new characters, new careers, and deeper relationships"

Switched at Birth returns this September after a long hiatus for its fans and a long time away from each other for at least a few of the characters. “This is the Color of My Dreams” rejoins the Kennish and Vasquez families after a summer of change. What’s different when Switched at Birth returns? We have compiled a couple of important spoilers for you to note here... [MORE

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