Tuesday, August 7, 2012

From LA Examiner: 'Parenthood' S3 on DVD; Misha Collins Returns to Haiti; 'The L.A. Complex' Kal Spoilers...

Parenthood is inarguably our favorite network drama. It isn’t flashy; it isn’t gimmicky; and in some respects it is about “nothing” in the sense that it’s just about navigating everyday life in relationships (with kids, with spouses, with parents, with siblings, with co-workers). In that same sense, though, Parenthood is about “everything” because what is life without all of those relationships? Parenthood celebrates small moments but most importantly celebrates some very big characters... [MORE]

Misha Collins may not actually be God (though for a brief moment in time, he played the deity on Supernatural), but he certainly knows the importance of using his elevated stature in the entertainment community to do virtuous deeds when and where he can. In addition to founding Random Acts and encouraging his “minions” to take moments out of their days and lives to perform kindness for others—even complete strangers—Collins also headed down to Haiti in the summer of 2011 to rebuild Jacmel after an earthquake devastated the already flawed infrastructure... [MORE

"Martin Gero & Andra Fuller tease The L.A. Complex's dive into Kal's past, more"

After the first few new episodes of The L.A. Complex aired on The CW, a lot of speculation started to fly-- and all of it in Kaldrick King's (Andra Fuller) direction. After pummeling Tariq (Benjamin Charles Watson) and getting found out by Dynasty (Dayo Ade), Kal spiraled down a dark rabbit hole of depression, a suicide attempt, and an admission of his sexuality that was filled with so much self-hate, it can barely be considered a baby step toward acceptance, let alone love and light. We've been fascinated from the get-go, so we had to catch series creator Martin Gero and Fuller himself to find out what was going to happen next... [MORE]

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