Tuesday, August 14, 2012

From LA Examiner: 'Supernatural' S7 Novel Review; Cassie Steele Teases 'The L.A. Complex' Comedy; Elyse Luray on 'Collection Intervention'; 'Modern Family' Book Giveaway...

"Supernatural's season seven's mission storyline now available in paperback"

Supernatural’s seventh season covered a lot of ground on-air—from a spirit the Winchesters could only see while drunk, to going on the run once again because the Leviathans cloned them and used them for killing sprees, to losing their dear friend and father figure Bobby Singer…sort of. But there were still periods of time unaccounted for in between episodes, and now to fill in those gaps, Titan and author John Passarella have released a new Supernatural novel, “Rite of Passage"... [MORE]

"Cassie Steele weighs in on comedic relief and next big blowout on The L.A. Complex"

“The show number one has to be fun. We really feel like we have to earn the dark parts, and so for every suicide, there has to be a counter on the other side. I’ve certainly fallen in love with shows, but I get them stacked up on my DVR because ‘Oh, this is such a great show! But it’s such a bummer’, and I don’t care if it’s great, I can’t be sad [all the time]. So for us, we don’t want it to feel like it’s just depressing to watch every week. The show needs to be genuinely funny and fun, and to be honest, it’s just true to Hollywood. Hollywood has its ups and downs and to just only show the downs, I think, is a mistake,” The L.A. Complex series creator Martin Gero told LA TV Insider Examiner... [MORE]

Thankfully for the pop culture addicts like LA TV Insider Examiner, Syfy’s newest reality series is more in the vein of Hollywood Treasure than Paranormal or Haunted anything. In the short, six-episode first season of Collection Intervention, host and appraiser Elyse Luray visits homes all around the country to help pop culture fanatics get their collections under control. But this is not just an entertainment-based Hoarders. Instead, these collectors have very sentimental attachments to some items that, because of their place in history, could have very real value. Luray is there to help them determine what might be worth something—and how to reorganize their lives so their collections don’t take over... [MORE]

"WIN a copy of "Modern Family: Wit and Wisdom From America's Favorite Family"

Can't get enough of that Phil Dunphy (Ty Burrell) wisdom? Well, ABC and Hyperion have you covered, as they are releasing an entire book of hilarious quotes from their hit sitcom, Modern Family. But don't worry, they're not leaving the hilarity up to Phil; they're making fun for the whole family by including your favorite moments in photo and quote form from the whole Dunphy-Pritchett-Tucker family... [MORE]

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