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Live-Blogging 'The L.A. Complex's' "Rule of Thirds"...

Tonight's TV Talk: The L.A. Complex's "Rule of Thirds"

- Does Raquel (Jewel Staite) really not have any family or "real" friends-- not even one!?-- who could knock some sense into her? Or at least talk at her, since she's not really the type to actually listen to anyone else? I'm sad for her. She clearly doesn't have a real drinking problem (which is good for many reasons because these rehab shows never solve anyone's problems), but she has a list of other terrible problems. And it looks like Ricky (Aaron Abrams) may be another one. Can I just say how much I love that this show brings characters in and out the way it does? It mimics the way the industry itself reuses familiar faces...just when you had almost forgotten about them. It's poetic. And a little sad.

- Oh Beth (Dayle McLeod), I feel your pain. I've been waiting for my July and August checks from one Hollywood company since, well, July. Being a free agent in this town is not easy.

- Oh Abby (Cassie Steele), are you really that self-involved that you have yet to even meet your new neighbors!? You should live in New York; you'd fit right in there.

- Kal's (Andra Fuller) preppy sweater makes me uncomfortable. So does the idea that he may have two beards now. He's clearly not okay with who he is, but if he's never fake-dated a woman before, is he only going to attempt it now to make his dad happy? His dad never did sh*t for him; Kal doesn't owe him sh*t.

- If Ricky is being honest right now, he and Raquel may have more in common than you might imagine. But if he is just creating a story for the cameras, he's an even bigger douche than the guy who made a sex tape with Alicia (Chelan Simmons).

- Oh, there's my answer. At least the douche understands continuity. Although, doesn't it look like there are "extras" in that room that actually do need the help this show will not provide? 

- I wouldn't trust Connor (Jonathan Patrick Moore) to make you coffee, Jennifer (Krista Allen). You already caught him scalding himself with your teapot. What you don't know is he also sets kitchens on fire.

- I have no words for Eric. I just...ridiculous.

- This commercial break has allowed me to realize I completely missed commenting on Nick (Joe Dinicol) being set up to be late and nekkid for work! This show moves too fast sometimes. Sabrina (Georgina Reilly) is one twisted lady, but I kind of like it. I like that she gets a sick pleasure out of screwing and then screwing with Nick. I like that she's strong enough not to fold, even when it seems like she's losing steam in the race. And honestly, how the hell could she (legitimately) lose in the race? He's a terrible writer; remember his stand-up about bags? I like that she's so much clevver than him when she has a moment to think about things. She raises his game and actually makes him clever every now and then, too.

- A method actor should never play a pedophile. I fear there may be a van with "Free Puppies!" painted on the side in the parking lot right now.

- Kal's playing this very smart. He shouldn't give his dad any cash-- whether he asks for it or not-- but using his wealth for good is a nice look for the guy. Even if I still can't believe that he's hanging out at this shelter without the paparazzi catching him doing it. Forget coming out, how would that look for his image? You'd think someone as insecure as him would worry about that-- about all of it.

- Um, crazy producer lady, Raquel will cut a bitch. But if she doesn't want to play the reality TV game, she's not going to end up getting paid. And then she's back to square one. In season one, she was told she couldn't play "soft" and it ended up with her putting on a blonde wig and trying to play against type. What will happen this time? It seems like the consequences could be much worse.

- Ouch, Ricky needed three takes? He's not so good after all.

- Here's why I said the whole Eric thing is ridiculous-- or maybe not him in general, but Connor's reaction to him. If Jennifer was so famous, he should already know she was married. This makes him look even more ignorant for jumping into this "relationship" without truly knowing what he was getting into. The way his feelings change and develop as time spent alone with this woman is one thing-- you can't always anticipate those specifics or how it will then affect and change the other relationships in your life (all fascinating things I want to see explored in depth, by the way), but he wasn't even smart enough to Google the woman he was metaphorically jumping into bed with? What is wrong with kids today!? And then he actually jumped into bed with her-- which was clearly a terrible decision because she obviously has a savior complex, and that just makes their relationship ride the line between intimate and maternal (which is really just a different kind of intimate), and that's...icky.

- Kal's dad, that is not slick. Not at all.

- Now, if Sabrina was really smart, she'd shove Nick out into the writer's room while he was butt nekkid. It might be a cheap laugh, but she'd still get it.

- I don't care what Brandon (Brett Dier) is saying as he once again gets Abby in bed; I still don't buy that he's fallen for her fully and that he's only still with the other Christian because she's a delicate flower, and he wants to keep his job or whatever.

- The waiter is not cute, Kal. Choose the "direction" of this girl, let her be your new single gal pal, and she can help you be comfortable with yourself and maybe even help you try to woo Tariq (Benjamin Charles Watson) back. Not that I think you two should get back together, but I want to see you try.

- Okay, Beth is back to being the worst. It's called acting. So unless something terrible happened to her as a child, which we really have no reason to believe, she needs to ease up a lot.

- Watching Raquel try to be nice is like watching these fake doctors try to help on these rehab shows.

- Well played, Nick. It looks like all those nights at the whorehouse with your new boss man paid off ten-fold. And the respect you're earning from Sabrina? Adorable. You guys are my favorite new couple.

- I said in season one that Raquel should be a producer. She was admittedly trying with those kids in her building's script, but that didn't quite pan out. She's doing wonders with Ricky. Her simple "no bullshit" attitude is also perfect and oddly refreshing.

- I honestly was not expecting Eric to be sympathetic, but he totally is. I'm not saying he's not a mess, and I'm not saying he's probably terrible for Jennifer, but I have no reason to believe he's playing Connor when he says his relationship with Jennifer was the best thing he ever had. I even believe he wanted her wedding ring for memories and not just to pawn. It's a simple gold band; you would only get like $20 from Cash4Gold melting that down anyway.

- As much as I admire that Beth sticks up for her brother and won't allow Hollywood to piss on her, the role they changed was actually giving her brother a bigger, better part. And she really should know better than to storm on the set because she doesn't know there are air holes in the prop bag. She's so green, it hurts me. It's hard to see her point-- for me, or those on the production-- when she does such a dumb thing one moment and then wants you to respect her as a peer the next.

- Aw, now Jennifer has two children.

- This Christian girl's cat-eye glasses are the funniest thing about this show. I know the writers are playing with little bits of comedy and lightness with almost every storyline, I don't actually find Abby's story light or funny at all. Sure, she finds herself in ridiculous situations, and she makes even more ridiculous faces that make me wonder how she could be an actor if she can't hide her emotions from those she's supposed to be hiding secrets, but the core of it is just another girl whose life is on a terrible track. And she either can't see it-- or doesn't want to. And that makes me sadder than almost everything else. Because she has so much going for her, but she's so easily screwing things up for herself.

- Oh, here's the part of the story where Kal gets outed to the press. But I really like that his father phrased it as being proud of the man his son is, rather than trying to take credit for it. Maybe he really is a changed man.

- Ricky and Raquel deserve their own talk show. They should be the new co-hosts of News Night where they don't let their guests finish their answers before they bombard them with a new, aggressive question. I would watch the sh*t out of that. And Raquel's wink to the producer? The best TV-safe way to flip the bird. I'm going to write that into my own scripts.

- Any L.A. Complex fans watch Will & Grace? I'm doing Debbie Reynolds' "told ya so" dance with this Brandon scene right now. No one got hurt? You don't think these bitches will get you fired? And if you had such real feelings for him, isn't the emotionality of the situation enough to consider yourself a little hurt? HAVE SOME SELF-RESPECT!

- Simon (Michael Levinson) is the smartest character on this show. Boom.

- It's a shame it took this long but I finally respect and want to keep watching Laura (Megan Hutchings). It's also a shame it took so long for someone to get pushed in the pool, Melrose style, but I'm glad it happened eventually. And I'm glad it was Abby when it happened. Since the show initially started by following her journey (as she climbed into and then out of a crappy apartment to steal her own stuff), I assumed way-back-then that she was supposed to be the central and most sympathetic character. But oh, how so much can change in one short summer!

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