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Live-Blogging 'The L.A. Complex's' "Taking The Day"...

Tonight's TV Talk: a return to live-blogging with The L.A. Complex's "Taking The Day"

- It's sad to say, but Raquel's (Jewel Staite) brush with the law for her D.U.I. is probably going to be the thing she needs-- not to straighten her shit out once and for all but to get her back in the public eye. She'll make headlines; she'll be back on producers' radars; and let's face it, L.A. is a town that excuses, if not downright rewards, bad behavior, so something tells me she'll be just fine by the end of the episode. Probably even with a new gig. One that's much better than a Syfy C-movie.

- Abby (Cassie Steele) must be really hard up for friends if she's telling her secrets to Eddie (Ennis Esmer). I mean, I love Eddie but as plucky comedic relief, not for advice or even to trust with secrets that could get me fired.

- I hate that Nick (Joe Dinicol) can get ahead simply for being a "bro," but it's hard to feel too badly for Sabrina (Georgina Reilly) when she's being so bitchy about everything. And not even putting her full effort into the actual work, but instead trying to undercut the competition. Nick may not be all that funny, but I'd like to see him deserve to get ahead.

- Oh, Connor (Jonathan Patrick Moore)... I totally forgot you slept with Jennifer (Krista Allen) at the end of last week's episode, but now I am shaking my head at you all anew. And seriously, you want to be a voice of reason about someone driving drunk? You burnt down your own house!

- Damn, Kal (Andra Fuller); can I pick out a room!? But on a much more serious note, I have to side with Reggie on this one, and I don't know anything about Reggie. I do know something about how often people change versus how often we are willing to convince ourselves people can or have changed, though. And I feel like/fear Kal just really needs his dad to be a different guy-- a better guy-- so he has proof that he, too, can be better and different. It breaks my heart in a whole new way for the character because he's still looking outwardly for answers, and he'll never heal until that stops.

- I know people are desperate for gigs out here, but in no way would I be willing to deal with a six-hour wait that didn't even guarantee a job at the end of it! Oh Beth (Dayle McLeod), you're showing your naivety again...

- Jack is cute... Kind of a Canadian Brad Rowe. Whatever happened to Brad? But I still feel like he's too old for Beth. I feel like everyone's too old for Beth. Isn't she 19?

- Oh ouch, Raquel. You and Connor can both get sued for simply implying you know the relationship is fake. I kind of hope Jennifer stays shrewd and calls him on outing her-- even to a "nobody." It's a side of this industry no one talks about, and I'm thrilled that it's finally time someone has the balls to attempt it.

- Is that another Kal track bumping at the party? I need his full EP! 

- I honestly didn't expect Kal's dad to acknowledge the environment being bad for his "recovery," which now leads me to wonder exactly what he's recovering from. But Kal countering with the fact that this is his house is an interesting point. Because all those years ago when Kal was under his father's roof, the environment was bad for both of them, and little Kal just had to suck it up and "be a man" and deal with it. Doesn't seem fair, does it?

- Well, cheesecake is the way to my heart...

- If Kal's house is actually located in Toronto, on the eastern seaboard, I'm officially moving. Gorgeous spread, gorgeous view.

- How can Dynasty (Dayo Ade) not have even a little power over Kal to make him get in the studio remotely close to deadline? The problem with so many in the music industry is that no one tells them no; no one sets boundaries. The fact that Kal is trying to set boundaries on his own is kind of ridiculous (but admirable anyway). Where would he even get the idea that he should? Tariq (Benjamin Charles Watson) was a better influence than we could have known. But the "I've got to make a change" line was a bit too on-the-nose.

- No one kisses in rehearsal. Oh, Abby, you're showing your heart on your non-existent sleeve. This time Christian girl has a reason to threaten you. Too bad she has her own blinders on.

- Beth is absolutely every average Middle America-er ever, and it makes me sad.

- Oh Jennifer, that is not all you need to know. You're getting emotionally involved. Your "team" would be so pissed if they knew you know about Raquel knowing about you and Connor and letting her float around out there with said knowledge. But there she goes, projecting her own bad relationships onto his, hoping she can save him from pain but also probably hoping she and him can be better for each other.

- Wow, you know a production is shit when they sue someone over insurance costs. $120,000 to a real studio is like a Kleenex. 

- I do find it amusing that given a free few hours the one thing Beth wants to do "for herself" is have sex. I guess a kid is a mojo-killer.

- Is Nick paying this prostitute to be his therapist? I doubt it happens as much as she says; she's a hooker, not an escort. She might want to update her resume, though; she could easily get a job as an escort now.

- Oh Reggie, be a man. Why are you still sleeping under Kal's roof anyway? This isn't Entourage!

- If any of these characters deserve to end up as tabloid fodder, it's these clowns from the Christian show. Abby wouldn't make any friends, but she'd make way more money by selling their story. I'm not saying I know someone who did that or anything, but if those two really had as many threesomes as the girl implied, any anonymous random could have been the one to sell them out, and Abby doesn't even have to get caught. Again, not that I know someone who did that or anything.

- Oh Connor, I thought we were past this. Thank God Jennifer is one A-Lister who's not too self-absorbed to have a maternal side. Not what you'd expect from someone who chose the path she recently did but refreshing in its own way nonetheless.

- I hope Beth has enough of a brain to have a separate cell phone number for her fake agency. But I don't have high hopes she thought that far ahead.

- I think Kal needs to have his dad sign a confidentiality agreement before he says N-E-THING. I know I keep harping on someone getting sold out to the tabloids, but that's how this business works when there's not someone there to cover the tracks. Kal isn't used to having to deal with things himself; his "people" even bribed him out of the psych facility. And he has no real reason to trust his absentee father. If the guy is so in touch with people and Jesus and himself or whatever, he should sense Kal doesn't need to be set up with some woman.

- Wait, this "I don't have a problem but I'm going on Celebrity Fake Rehab anyway" storyline was done last season with Aaron Abrams. Come on, man! You are better than this! Even if Raquel's bank account may warrant it. I know we already did the "Raquel needs new representation" storyline, too, but uh, this time she really does.

- Abby has this laissez faire attitude about sleeping with someone she doesn't really want to sleep with just to get to sleep with someone she actually does want to sleep with, and it bums me out for her and her whole generation. I feel like she's getting majorly played. This kid may actually like her, but I'd put money on that he likes that she's willing to have sex with him and his current girlfriend more. 

- "Harry Potter on a hunger strike" is a great line.  Sabrina and Nick may just be the new Stephen and Beverly (Episodes).

You know, after last week's episode, someone Tweeted that they wished something good would happen to these kids soon or it would be hard to keep watching, and I have to echo that sentiment tonight. I don't love all of the characters the same, so I don't want shiny, positive things for them the same, but the ones who are in less dire emotional straits right now are the ones I don't care about, which really doesn't bode well for my own mental state week after week, watching the show. You all know how emotionally involved I get! I need a little nugget of hope thrown Kal or Raquel's way. I like Jennifer, and so far she's getting what she wanted, but we have barely scratched the surface of who she is, so I feel like a down slide is about to come for her. The light moments right now are built around everyone's crazy sex lives, but honestly, when standing back and looking at what is being played off as comedic, it just comes across as sad. Well, maybe, surprisingly, not for Nick. Maybe Nick is the ray of hope for the rest of them, and by extension, me. He is still relatively innocent and talented and deserving, after all. We'll see where the season ends up, though.

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