Friday, August 3, 2012

MTV TCA Talk: Kristoffer Polaha Gets 'Awkward' and 'Inbetweeners'...

Sitting down with longtime friends and often co-stars Nikki DeLoach and Kristoffer Polaha on the set of Awkward is like getting a peak into a professional brother-sister relationship. Over the years the two have become close enough that DeLoach has lived with Polaha and his family not once but twice (“When she came to Hawaii for North Shore, she needed a place to stay, so my wife and I said, ‘Come stay with us,’” Polaha shared. “I did; I did! I lived in their garage,” DeLoach laughed. “And then a few years later she needed another place to stay, so she crashed with us again,” Polaha continued), she was present at the birth of one of his sons, and when Awkward series creator Lauren Iungerich told DeLoach of a specific role she was writing about a "man from Lacey’s past," DeLoach’s Polaha radar shot way up... [MORE]

MTV's newest comedy coming to their network this summer is a remake of the U.K.'s Inbetweeners, kind of a male Awkward, that follows four male friends in their high school misadventures. These are not the cool kids, but nor are they the "bottom rung" of the social food chain. They are the kinds of kids who will be running the world when they grow up. But first: lots of zany mishaps to come! ... [MORE]

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