Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sony's DVD Releases: 'Community' S3 and 'Happy Endings' Limited Time Collection...

The best thing about "Community: The Complete Third Season" DVD box set is not that there is commentary on all of the twenty-two episodes. Nor is it the abundance of outtakes and deleted scenes available on every disc. No, the very best thing, in LA TV Insider Examiner's opinion, is that the episodes are presented in production order, which means chronological order, regardless of how they may have aired last year on NBC. Sony cares about continuity as much as we do, you guys! ... [MORE]
We're not going to lie: we were thrilled to learn that Happy Endings' second season was available on DVD today after all. While it was initially scheduled for this release date, it was pushed to October, and that seemed like a long time to be away from Dave, Alex, Penny, Max, Brad, Jane, and even Avi... But our excitement may have been a bit fanatical, as the DVD released today was actually a combination pack, and stamping it with "limited" availability was just a plot to get the diehard fans to drop some extra cash... [MORE]

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