Thursday, August 2, 2012

TCA Talk: Starz' 'Boss'; 'Family Matters' at Paley; ID's 'Days of our Knives' and 'Deadly Affairs'...

The first season finale of Boss, starring Kelsey Grammer on Starz dropped a bombshell in viewers' laps by revealing that Mayor Tom Kane (Grammer) has a degenerative disease that is bound to affect his decision-making as he slides further into it without letting others in on it. But the show is so much more than just one man's personal journey, looking at larger-scale issues in a corrupt city. And the second season, returning to Starz in just a few weeks, is expanding its world with new characters, new dynamics, and new bad choices-- for a number of the characters... [MORE]

"Family Matters star Darius McCrary donates to WB's TV Out of the Box"

If there is one thing you know about LA TV Insider Examiner, it is not only just how much we love television (obviously), but also how tightly we hold onto beloved programming from our younger days. It is one of the reasons we were so taken with Warner Brothers' Television: Out of the Box exhibit at the Paley Center for Media here in Los Angeles when we first wandered the rows of costumes, props, and set pieces earlier this year. That is why today's announcement from Warner Brothers has warmed our television (and nostalgia!) loving hearts... [MORE]

"ID capitalizes on the soap audience with Days of our Knives"

Once upon a time LA TV Insider Examiner was a huge soap opera fan. Full disclosure: only one of our soaps of choice, Days of our Lives, is even still on the air. These days, though, major networks are shying away from the expensive, time-consuming daytime dramas in favor of lighter fare, tune out television. But if you're someone still longing for your "stories," Investigation Discovery has you covered... [MORE]

"Deadly Affairs proves that watching soap operas saves lives"

Investigation Discovery taps into some seemingly strange stories from time to time, but perhaps none will be more shocking than those retold on new relationship reenactment series, Deadly Affairs, hosted by "the incomparable"* Susan Lucci. You may have thought the relationship troubles she experienced on All My Children were full of drama, but you haven't seen anything until you've seen the real-life tales of lust and loss on Deadly Affairs... [MORE]

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