Thursday, September 13, 2012

Celebuzz Previews for 'Awkward', 'The Neighbors', 'Malibu Country', and 'Underemployed'...

Fall 2012 sees two new half-hour comedies coming to ABC. The Neighbors focuses on observational humor to show the differences between families— one human and one alien— in a suburban gated community. Malibu Country, on the other hand, is a more traditional sitcom centering on Reba McEntire as a woman who moves her family out to California, making them fishes out of water... [MORE]

"Malibu Country’s Reba McEntire Offers "Open Invitation" to Kelly Clarkson to Guest on the ABC Comedy"

Hold onto your Stetsons, country music fans! Reba McEntire is returning to her sitcom roots with ABC’s Malibu Country this fall, and yes, of course she plans to sing on the show. Mirroring the Reba show in premise, this four-camera comedy comes at a time when showrunner Kevin Abbott thinks the genre is simply “hibernating,” ready to make a full-force comeback. Naturally, the star power of Reba will help with that! ... [MORE]

Relationships and how characters, especially the young ones, relate to each other can tell you so much about what they think of themselves, their worth, and what’s important in their lives at the moment. It’s no wonder that MTV’s teen comedy Awkward has chosen to center on a love triangle. By putting a once “invisible girl,” Jenna Hamilton (Ashley Rickards), at the center of something as emotionally complex as having to choose between two best friends, there are a lot of opportunities for characters to grow and mature… or not. With two episodes left to go on Season 2, Celebuzz spoke to the cast at their finale event this week about the evolution of their characters up to now and what to expect going forward... [MORE]

MTV has always spoken to the younger generations, but their newest scripted series, Underemployed, skews slightly older than their usual high school crowd. Centering on a group of friends only a year out of college, Underemployed showcases the struggles of young adults who thought they were going to set the world on fire— only to find they are barely scraping by. True to form for MTV’s brand, though, Underemployed is out to explore complicated relationship dynamics and introduce some fun new catchphrases and terms for its audience to adopt... [MORE

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