Monday, September 24, 2012

Celebuzz Season Finale Talk for 'Awkward' and 'The L.A. Complex'...

For two seasons, MTV’s Awkward fans have had intense debates and discussions and hashtag trending attempts for Team Jake and Team Matty, each side making a passionate case for why Jenna Hamilton (Ashley Rickards) should be with the particular guy. After two seasons, and trying out both guys, Jenna finally makes her choice in the season finale, “The Other Shoe.” But, that’s not all she’ll have to decide on Thursday’s season finale... [MORE]

"The L.A. Complex Star Jonathan Patrick Moore Talks Scienetics-Filled Season Finale"

In two short seasons, the drama of The CW’s The L.A. Complex has managed to move extremely fast. With the second season finale upon us on Monday, though, current situations wrap up for a number of characters, while offering little hints at what could come in a potential third season. “Don’t Say Good-Bye,” therefore, is a meta-plea from the show itself for another chance, much the way the characters within it ask each other — and this industry — to do the same for them.... [MORE]

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