Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cutting Room Floor Commentary: John Noble Thanks 'Fringe' Fans...

As the cast of Fringe began making the rounds this summer to promote the final season of their FOX show, there were many occasions for the actors to get teary-eyed on stage, in front of a group of reporters. They have already gotten emotional a number of times when talking about inching toward their finish line, but this time, it was the reporters' turn for that to be the case.

As you know, I spent this past week in Vancouver, for the annual WB-sponsored set visit trip. This year I hit a handful of shows, Fringe included, and John Noble took a moment at the end of the interview to thank the show's supporters-- entertainment writers and fans alike-- for helping them get to a fifth and final season. He's such a class act!

Watch while he tries to make #TeamVancouver cry:

Damn, is it dusty in here?

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