Friday, September 14, 2012

From LA Examiner: 'Arrow' Casts Jeffrey Nordling; 'Haven' & 'Parks and Recreation' Advance Reviews; 'Smash' Casts Jesse L. Martin; 'Raising Hope' Premiere Preview...

"Exclusive: Arrow casts Jeffrey Nordling as [SPOILER]"

Oliver Queen’s (Stephen Amell) life is only getting more complicated as he reintegrates himself into (high) society in Starling City. The former party boy who got in touch with his inner vigilante when marooned on an island and presumed dead for years has been rescued and returned home to his loving family. But with him, he has brought a list of revenge—swearing to restore his city from corruption. But the newly cast Jeffrey Nordling certainly isn’t going to make that mission easy for Oliver.... [MORE]

"Haven digs deeper into the Colorado Kid in its season three premiere"

When Haven first began, it was based on the story of “The Colorado Kid” from Stephen King, but many liberties were taken to make the show its own narrative and much longer-lasting than a simple short story. For two seasons, Haven focused on various “troubles” with townspeople, to create an individual mystery of the week. Unlike in the short story, the young woman who was being let in on these small town secrets was not a reporter but a cop, and as we finally received confirmation more recently, not nearly as innocent about it all as she thought. However, just like in the short story, this woman—Audrey (Emily Rose) relies on two reporters who have been covering up the truth from the rest of the town to fill her in. They have been evasive before, but as the third season premiere proves, nothing they can tell her will be of greater importance than what she will be able to tell herself—if she can follow the clues she left in the past... [MORE

"Parks and Recreation's S5 premiere sees a range of emotions for Amy Poehler"

We have two words for you from the fifth season premiere of Parks and Recreation: waffle sundae... [MORE]

"Smash casts Jesse L. Martin to serenade [SPOILER]"

Another love interest for Smash's Julia (Debra Messing)? According to The Hollywood Reporter, that's exactly what fans can look forward to in season two, as Jesse L. Martin has just been added as a recurring player.... [MORE]

"Raising Hope uses relationships to mark maturity in season three"

The Chance family got the shock of a lifetime in the Raising Hope second season finale when they learned that Hope’s mother didn’t actually die in prison as she was said to have. Jimmy (Lucas Neff) tried to be the stand-up guy he emulates from watching his own father by driving off with her, despite his feelings for Sabrina (Shannon Woodward), simply so he could continue to be a father to little Hope (Baylie and Ryle Cregut), and in the end, he was rewarded for his selflessness. Last year, Raising Hope showed that those with good intentions, despite misguided actions, will thrive and prosper, and season three sees the series reinforcing that theme with a refreshing maturity... [MORE]

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