Wednesday, September 5, 2012

From LA Examiner: 'Guys with Kids' and 'Weeds' 100th Episode Advance Reviews; Ken Marino Talks 'Childrens Hospital'; Meet The Cast of 'The Challenge'...

Guys with Kids banks on the premise that it’s still a freakin’ marvel to see fathers—especially young ones—take care of their children. It’s a topic that we’d expect to see on a sitcom back in the 1990s, when “hapless dad” was its own genre, but on today’s television landscape the show with its traditional style and even more dated ideas just feels like a giant step backwards... [MORE]

"Ken Marino talks Childrens Hospital and more Burning Love to come"

Ken Marino has had the pleasure and seemingly impossibly good fortune of being a part of a number of cult hit projects, from Wet Hot American Summer to his guest appearance on Happy Endings and his sadly short-lived Starz comedy Party Down. His most recent projects are no exception. This summer Marino made a cameo in the surprise hit of the summer For A Good Time Call... all while also promoting his new Yahoo! original series Burning Love and his longer running Adult Swim short form program Childrens Hospital. LA TV Insider Examiner managed to catch up with him on one of his surprisingly low-key days to talk about the fourth season of Childrens Hospital and what's in store for the future of Burning Love (hint: a lot)... [MORE]

"Weeds marks its 100th episode with a march down memory lane"

Some say it's a milestone that Weeds simply made it to an eighth season when so many shows peter out much earlier in their runs. But for a show about pot-smoking, this one certainly has great lungs because it has been running strong and reinventing itself every season. But the true beauty of Weeds' timing is that it is actually coming up on two major milestones back-to-back. The week before its series finale will see the airing of its 100th episode, "God Willing and the Creek Don't Rise." So what better way to celebrate than to go back to basics-- to go back to where it all began for Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) and her boys? ... [MORE]

"Meet the cast of MTV's The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons"

We may have two more weeks of The Real World before the time slot can be freed up to once again bring us the salacious goodness that is The Challenge, but that doesn't mean we can't look ahead to what excites us most about this fall's reality TV offerings, right? ... [MORE]

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