Wednesday, September 19, 2012

From LA Examiner: JoAnna Garcia Swisher Talks 'Animal Practice'; Kat Graham Talks 'The Vampire Diaries'; 'The Neighbors' Advance Review...

The last time we caught up with JoAnna Garcia Swisher in Los Angeles, Animal Practice had not started shooting its first season yet, so she could only really talk about her character of Dorothy and the complicated history with George (Justin Kirk) in broad strokes. But now the show is deep into its first season of production, so we checked in with her again to see what we could expect from the dysfunctional office comedy... [MORE]

"Kat Graham teases The Vampire Diaries season four & meeting Professor Shane"

There was a turning point for Bonnie (Kat Graham) at the end of the third season of The Vampire Diaries. Having gone through the ringer losing family and some friends and putting her magic on the line to save one very special person in her life, Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen), Bonnie had reached her breaking point. Deciding she wasn't willing to take it anymore, she summoned the powers she had remaining, and more courage than your average high school student, to keep Klaus around, even if in new form. With her BFF Elena (Nina Dobrev) making a life-altering, and heartbreaking, transformation, will Bonnie come around to continue to help her friends in season four, or will she be off on a mission of self-discovery, and potentially detrimental self-indulgence? ... [MORE]

Dan Fogelman has made a career out of knowing what kids want to see on-screen. Responsible for some of Pixar’s finest programming, including Cars, the writer/executive producer has seemingly created a sitcom for kids with his new “we live next door to aliens” project The Neighbors. But the problem is The Neighbors is for ABC—not the Disney Channel or even ABC Family—and the aliens are not metaphorical in any way. The Neighbors is a My Stepmother is an Alien mess, and though we’re all about diversity and “new kinds of families,” this feels like the dust was just blown of an early draft of the 3rd Rock from the Sun pilot script and thrown on air too many years too late... [MORE

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