Sunday, September 30, 2012

From LA Examiner: John Noble Teases 'Fringe's' Treasure Hunt; Misha Collins Previews Castiel's 'Supernatural' Penance...

Fringe is known for reinventing its relationships every season, but the fifth and final premiere certainly exploded that in a number of ways, didn't it? Forget Olivia (Anna Torv) finally reuniting with her daughter-- only to meet her as an adult-- for a second. Forget because that seems to be exactly, not-so-conveniently what Walter (John Noble) has done. Without Walter's memories of his plans for the Fringe Team in the future, do they really stand a chance? ... [MORE]

"Supernatural's Misha Collins on Castiel's penance & Jared Padalecki's pranking"

Last time we caught up with Misha Collins, he previewed that the Castiel we will see in season eight of Supernatural will be more like "the Cas we got to know in season four and season five." Collins described Castiel this year as "a little bit more worldly, a little bit more weary, a little bit more worn than he was before." And now that we've gotten our first glimpse at life in Purgatory for Castiel and Dean (Jensen Ackles), we understand a bit better as to why Castiel has grown into the character he has... [MORE

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