Monday, September 3, 2012

From LA Examiner: Lea Thompson & Katie Leclerc Talk 'Switched at Birth'...

Life changed drastically for the Kennish family of Switched at Birth when they found out in the pilot episode that the teenage daughter they had raised for the last almost sixteen years was not their biological daughter. Since then the show has been a whirlwind of emotion as the family came together to include new members. Some characters lashed out, while others turned inward or to each other. Kathryn Kennish, the family’s matriarch and the woman who felt like she “should have known” the baby wasn’t hers started out in mourning, then turned angry and started a lawsuit against the hospital, but through writing about her experience, finally accepted it... [MORE]

It’s hard to argue that it is Daphne (Katie Leclerc) who has come the longest way in the shortest amount of time on ABC Family’s Switched at Birth. One half of the girls who discovered they were raised by the wrong families, Daphne and her mom picked up and moved out of their neighborhood to get to know her birth parents better. She even switched schools—and basketball teams—along the way. In spending time with her now extended family, she has found passion—and a voice—in sports and in cooking. Much of the earlier part of this season dealt with her and her hobbies, but now, as the season rounds out with a few more all-new episodes, it really is about Daphne turning a hobby into a career and growing up even more while doing so... [MORE]

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