Saturday, September 8, 2012

From LA Examiner: 'Partners' Cast Previews Their New Comedy; 'Arrow' Scoop From Stephen Amell & EPs...

The new CBS sitcom Partners, from the minds of David Kohan and Max Mutchnick, starts its pilot episode with a big life moment: a proposal between two of its main characters, Joe (David Krumholtz) and Ali (Sophia Bush), which changes the dynamic between all four friends, or the "core four," as we like to call them. But considering some sitcoms that have come before Partners on this network have taken years before they ever paid off the wedding, we had to ask the creators to weigh in with their plans week to week, as well as longer term for the season... [MORE]

"Stephen Amell & the Arrow EPs talk tumultuous times ahead for Oliver Queen"

The last time we talked with Arrow executive producers, they wanted to emphasize how everything their superhero did was to better his city-- or at least return it to the condition it once was, before immorality and greed corrupted it. What this amounts to, of course, is that their superhero has a code he abides by, but being that it was born out of anger and a desire to avenge, it isn't one that will be squeaky clean. And neither is Oliver (Stephen Amell) himself. Immediately in the pilot episode he shows just how ruthless-- how changed-- he can be. There will be times early on in the season that his sense of "anti-hero" shines... [MORE]

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