Tuesday, September 18, 2012

From LA Examiner: 'Vegas' Advance Review; 'Happy Endings' Casts Matthew Del Negro...

CBS’ Vegas is the network’s one attempt to break out of their hour-long procedural rut, and it is a big attempt at that. Coming from Nicholas Pileggi, Vegas is bold in style and on-screen talent assembled, as well, even if its storytelling isn’t as flashy as any of today’s CSIs... [MORE]

Happy Endings won't be premiering for another month, but when it returns, it comes back with a lot of new love connections. You already know that Dave (Zach Knighton) and Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) are back together; Nick Zano replaces Brian Austin Green as the apple of Penny's (Casey Wilson) eye, but now LA TV Insider Examiner has learned that Matthew Del Negro catches Max's (Adam Pally) eye... [MORE]

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