Monday, September 17, 2012

From LA Examiner: 'Weeds' Finale Review; Showtime Return Dates; 'Switched at Birth' Cast Interviews; Marta Kauffman Talks 'Georgia'; 'Gossip Girl' Photos; 'Partners' Advance Review...

"Weeds wraps up with a major time jump and reconcilliations"

Tonight marked the final episode of Showtime's long-running dysfunctional family comedy Weeds but with an episode that flashed about ten years into the future, did fans get the closure for which they were looking? ... [MORE]

"Showtime to unveil 'Sinful Sundays' on January 13 2013"

Um, is it New Years yet? Normally we would never rush away the warm weather or fall TV season, but today Showtime announced the returns of a sheer favorite, and since it's not until January 2013, we kind of want time to hurry up and fly by so we can dive back into this instead... [MORE]

"Lizzy Weiss & her Switched at Birth cast tease the end of the first season"

It’s been a long and rocky road for the Switched at Birth gang—on-screen, and slightly off, considering their first season has gone on for near-record length. By the time the season finale rolls around, they will have completed thirty episodes of its freshman year, and in that time, they have seen relationships start and end, a past family member come back more permanently, the start of new careers, the end of professional records, and one best selling book... [MORE]

Ever since Friends came to an end, Marta Kauffman vowed never to do another sitcom. In truth, she was attached to the short-lived Joey spin-off, but other than that, she has stuck to her guns and branched out into deeper, and at times more dramatic, works. Even though it is almost a decade after her classic comedy went off the air, she still abides by this rule, though she has not stopped creating original comedic works... [MORE]

"PHOTO PREVIEW: Your first look at Barry Watson in Gossip Girl"

Gossip Girl has been vacationing for the summer-- like any good, rich Manhattan kids-- in the Hamptons, but that doesn't mean that they haven't been feeling the heat. The sixth and final season is about to start up again, and the drama is deeper than ever... [MORE]

If you’re anything like LA TV Insider Examiner, you may feel that the one thing television is missing is today’s version of Will & Grace, a series about a platonic relationship between long-time friends where one is straight and one is gay. When Will & Grace was in its early years it was snappy; it was clever; it was topical; and it depicted a relationship never before explored on television. Series creators David Kohan and Max Mutchnick had a goldmine on their hands when they tapped into the potential of relationship strain and successes that come from being so emotionally involved with someone who is not a traditional life partner. But as the years went on for Will & Grace, the show began to rewrite history, lose all sense of character continuity, play to more stand alone situations and stunt casting. We were left with a shell of its former self, and we personally choose to ignore anything between Leo and Grace’s wedding and the series finale. Perhaps Kohan and Mutchnick feel the same way because with their new CBS sitcom Partners, it appears they are trying to right the wrongs with which Will & Grace left us. Maybe we should have been more specific when we asked for Will & Grace on today's television because what we're being given here is simply a dated copycat, rather than an improvement on an older idea... [MORE

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