Tuesday, September 25, 2012

'Hawaii Five-0' and 'New Girl' Casts Before They Were Stars...

On the beautiful backdrop of sun, sand, and clear blue skies, the cast of Hawaii Five-0 has a tough job to do. Every week on CBS, they have to hunt down some of the most terrible criminals—from human traffickers to arms dealers to murderers and terrorists—before they too-permanently dirty their surrounding paradise. How did the cast train for this treacherous assignment? Snakkle looks back, before they were stars, to see who’s been honing their skills from a younger age... [MORE]

"Snakkle Flashes Back to the New Girl Gang Before They Were Roommates"

The characters of New Girl spend a lot of time doing silly, childish, and somehow still endearing things, like doing a slow-motion Chicken Dance at weddings—or simply in their bedrooms. Tapping into such lighthearted characters must certainly allow the cast to reminisce on their own earlier days, when they had fewer cares than their Q rating. Snakkle looks back at the New Girl cast before they were stars to celebrate them in such innocent glory... [MORE]

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