Monday, September 24, 2012

Inspired by 'RENT': The Casey Wilson Story...

I always overly-identified with Penny on Happy Endings, but now, it turns out, Casey Wilson and I are the same, too.

As a teenager Wilson was really into RENT-- maybe not tattoo-getting, camping out every weekend for cheap matinee tickets "into" but "into" all the same. In fact, she was a bit more resourceful than me, using what could have been simple fandom to turn into a potential profession, rather than just obsession.

Wilson slipped a note to an understudy cast member asking for an "interview," even though she was not actually a journalist. He called, and she went on with her charade, getting something I could only dream of: a dinner with the guy to ask anything she wanted. 

Now, maybe if I had interest in becoming an actual entertainment journalist back then I would have come up with something similarly clever as a way to get new and different access to my inspirations. But alas, I was still convinced I was going to be directing original entertainment of my own, not writing about others' so the thought never even crossed my mind.

But damn, if I wasn't jealous listening to Wilson's story (accompanied by awesome animations) and thinking of what a field day I could have had if I knew then what I know now!

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