Monday, September 10, 2012

Live-Blogging 'The L.A. Complex's' "Help Wanted"...

The L.A. Complex's "Help Wanted"

- Congratulations, Connor (Jonathan Patrick Moore). Your fake relationship, that you probably thought couldn't hurt anyone, may end up hurting you if now you're all over tabloids and people can worm their way out of the woodwork and back into your life. Maybe your sister (guest star Tori Anderson), if that is in fact her real association, is a welcome surprise. For now. But what if your dad were to pop up? Or a bunch of dumbasses with their hands out. I sense a potential Entourage situation coming for the guy who just wants to please everyone so they'll love him, but I am deeply, deeply hoping his time with Jennifer (Krista Allen) has given him the self-esteem and smarts to see through that and not get sucked in.

- Oh Raquel (Jewel Staite), you are slipping in your newfound niceness. Why would there be an autograph seeker hanging around The Lux!? Stay sharp out there, kiddo.

- At least someone on this show is so staunchly anti-drugs. You go, Paul F. Tompkins! I recommend a pee test. On the spot, random, mandatory. Even if you are trying to keep the people who help make you funny underpaid and apparently unhygenic. ...But actually, now that I think about it, when it comes to drugs and even alcohol, this show is pretty frickin' wholesome in a way that Los Angeles certainly isn't, especially if you're trying to break into the industry at any cost. While I respect that, I have to wonder if the show would be even more real with that quintessential damaged partier character...or if it would just be too dark and depressing.

- I love Kal (Andra Fuller) boxing. I love the track playing over it. I'd love it more if it was one of his, though.

- Wow, Raquel, that was easy. Sad, but still easy. You have a whole new set of problems now.

- Beth (Dayle McLeod) has super-sensitive instincts, but I have to admit, I don't get a good vibe from a place that wants you to drop your little "eager to please" actor kids off for a full day. Even if they booked the role, they'd be scrutinized on set, between the director and the momager and the studio teacher, so this is just seemingly against all protocol. I hope she bought Simon (Michael Levinson) a rape whistle with the money he never spent when he ran away.

- This is the smartest Abby (Cassie Steele) has EVER been! Poor, naive, desperate Connor just wants family so bad, he honestly didn't even question this random girl showing up claiming blood relation?

- And just like that, she's back to the dumbest girl ever. Kal says he has come to talk about Tariq (Benjamin Charles Watson), clearly doesn't seem to know where the kid is, and you blindly believe when he flips and says Tariq wants you to sing on a new track? Way to be so self-involved you only focus on the parts about you-- that are good for you-- and not the implications and hints of the truth underneath. But I am really excited to hear a new Kaldrick King track, so I'll let it slide.

- They're never on your side, Raquel; they're on the money's side.

- Wait, there are underage people living at The Lux without parents? Or is this girl just taking the SATs late in life? Now I'm sad all over again, even if it will mean good things because Beth will get a gig out of tutoring.

- I knew there would never be any Ellen Page. Enter Raquel. She took the long and winding road to get there, but she'll finally get to produce a movie that she can also star in, taking control of her career in a way that will allow her to live up to my "role model" title. Right now, I get weird looks when I say that. And not just because she's a fictional character or most of my friends don't actually watch this show (I know, I should just get new friends). But there's something in her. She's guarded; she's built a tough skin; she can be calculated, but she's frickin' smart. She knows this business. 

- If this blood test turns out badly, Connor's already attached and committed. I wonder if he'll keep Charlotte around out of sheer desire to have a connection with anybody or if he'll feel so betrayed he'll spiral. They have similar pathology, biology or not.

- Nick's (Joe Dinicol) an idiot, too. If the network is making the cokehead head writer cut two writers but they find out he's the cokehead, they'll just cut him and bump up someone else for less pay, and you can keep your job. Forget the fact that this guy needs real help, and you have the opportunity to shove him into it: why would you lie for someone who's not even your friend?

- Abby's going to adlib in the studio? Oh, this isn't going to end well!

- Pejorative! Good word, Raquel. I knew you were smart. Too smart to be stuck waiting tables. But that's what this industry does to you. Confession: I had to look up how to spell pejorative. This does not bode well for my own future.

- I was convinced Raquel was just going to slip out the door, taking her drinks for free, rather than slip on an apron. I'm impressed with her in new ways.

- Wait, so Charlotte didn't understand how production works, but she recognizes celebrities based on who they're dating? Charlotte is so the quintessential Middle American. Boise couldn't have been a more perfect place for her to be "from."

- This is one of those rare moments when I kind of love how ridiculous Nick is because there is no way Paul F. Tompkins can believe his ridiculous story when he hears it come out of his mouth, right? He has been around long enough to know terrible acting when he sees it. But maybe he just really does hate Nick. Or he doesn't care about bad acting, he just needs a scapegoat. That much cocaine is for someone who has a serious problem or is a dealer. Turning a blind eye to who it really belongs to...well, is it terrible if I'm hoping for a Charlie Sheen situation to play out over the next episode? This show is so great at mimicking other timely elements of Hollywood, like Celebrity Rehab, arranged relationships, and Scientology.

- I wish I had even the amount of money Kal is wasting in the studio right now.

- Did it seriously take 15 episodes before someone made out in the pool!?

- Can I just say that when this show first started Connor was one of the characters I liked the least, and now he is right up there at the top? My heart breaks for him every week and never in a "been there, done that, get over it" sort of repetitive way.

- Joe Dinicol told me Nick would man up months ago, but just now, I finally saw it on-screen. Better late than never. Way to go, little buddy!

- Did she just say they're dating!? It's literally like a day later!

- Oh no, let's not start thinking of bankruptcy as a reset. Americans do enough things wrong without declaring for backruptcy because they just can't handle their lives. It should be saved for those who are really in the hole, you know, because of astronomical and unfair medical bills and stuff.

- I hope people react to Charlotte in a complex way. Her character, I don't think, isn't designed to simply have the audience roll their eyes at a fake religion, though those elements are obviously in there, too. Or if not to roll your eyes, to at least make you see the error in their ways of recruitment. But she will raise a great question of whether or not we treat our symptoms or we treat our problems, too. She already has, just simply, vaguely, subtlely. Especially in a town like this where everyone is quick to prescribe and even quicker to take, regardless of prescription. I am not a Scientologist, but I fall dangerously close to their own views on a lot of Western medicine when it comes to the psychiatric kind. Popping pills changes the chemistry in one's brain, but it doesn't inspire accountability for actions on or off the meds, because you can always just fall back on the meds as an excuse. 

- Holy...I was not expecting such a huge step from Kal, especially directed towards or otherwise with Abby. I'm not sure she's the best person for him to have confided in, but I'll take any baby step if it leads him to be okay.

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