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Live-Blogging 'The L.A. Complex's' "Make It Right"...

The L.A. Complex' "Make It Right"

- In the first episode of this season, Connor (Jonathan Patrick Moore) walked by a table with Scientology documents on it, and Raquel (Jewel Staite) steered him away. I love that this show set up his interest back then, because he is searching for anything and everything outside of himself to fill a void, but I have to wonder if Scienetics is supposed to exist in a world in which Scientology also does, or if the show just changed the title in order to not get sued... And by the way, where the hell is Raquel right now? She's the only good influence he has in his life. And that's saying something.

- I love that Abby (Cassie Steele) has the smarts and balls to reject Kal's (Andra Fuller) pleas. She doesn't know what we know about his pain or sincerity; she probably assumes he's playing her and maybe even fears what he'll really do to Tariq (Benjamin Charles Watson) if he finds him. But threatening to call the police is a bit weak. 

- Sabrina's (Georgina Reilly) parental situation reminds me a lot of Sabrina on Raising Hope's. I'm not going to explain what that means. These are two shows I think more people just need to tune into.

- Who would hire Eddie (Ennis Esmer) as an actor? I know this film is low-budget, but they want to at least get into local film festivals, right?

- Raquel's interaction with Simon (Michael Levinson) was just so perfect. She's not good with people, but she's even worse with kids. I don't expect her to sweet talk anyone into letting her borrow lights; I assume she'll just take them. I like that she's "going there" and just taking what she wants these days. It just goes to show you what you can accomplish when you really have nothing to lose.

- Sabrina is completely unrecognizable as a preppy. Yet, this may be the greatest test of Nick's (Joe Dinicol) improv skills...ever!

- OMG, this music! If you didn't think Scienetics was a cult before, this new age spa bullshit is certainly sealing the deal. And way to bring out the hot girl to get in his head. It's like that episode of Friends where Ross and Chandler aren't strong enough to quit the gym.

- Does anyone else think Connor is going along with this, in part, just to get closer to the one piece of family he actually has? I want to give him the benefit of the doubt. I don't want to believe he's completely tragic.

- Lord, Raquel is everything wrong with America right now. She's a cautionary tale all around. How did she not understand how bankruptcy works!? And how did she not think that internet ads are full of lies?

- The opposite of romantic is signing someone up for a test. It's a good thing Beth (Dayle McLeod) is kind of dumb and sad or this kid would be single again in a heartbeat.

- What happened to you, Abby!? You couldn't make Kal stew a little longer if you were going to puss out? And going with him won't stop him if he really is a violent and unpredictable guy. This girl is the epitome of someone you'd find dead in the dried out part of the L.A. river. She's really making me sad. She's just so lucky Kal is actually a good guy. Or happens to have access to a private jet. Geez, the things that fall in this girl's lap!

- Nick is taking "yes, and" way too far. I love it. Anything she did to mess with him really is nothing in comparison. "A blimp pilot?" If Sabrina thought it would kill her parents to admit she is trying her hand at professional comedy, dating a clown like this may make them drop on the eighth hole even faster.

- I'm scared by this personality test Connor is taking. I know no matter what you say, they will tell you you severely need their help, but I answered a lot of them positively regardless.

- Simon's face about the bubbles being in the film was priceless. There's a thin line between being artsy and being pretentious. How is it possible that Simon is better at everything than everyone else in The Lux?

- Raquel may have to consider Cash4Gold. Because I'm pretty sure this dishwasher wants her to go do porn with Alicia (Chelan Simmons). ...You know, I kind of miss Alicia!

- Okay, I've underestimated this dishwasher. He's more of a businessman than I gave him credit for, but he's still ridiculous. You can screw the banks in a lot of other ways than identity theft. I'm glad Raquel has some decency not to scream "Sign me up!" but I'd kind of like her to turn around and blackmail this guy.

- Beth is a weirdo.

- Aw, Georgina's dad! I just wonder if he's sing a different tune if it was his own kid. It's easy to tell someone they're doing the right thing when it doesn't affect your image at all. And clearly these people are very image conscious individuals.

- Oh Scienetics lady, don't butter him up by telling him he's smart. He's young, good-looking, and has an accent. In his business, smarts are way down on the list of "needs," let alone "wants."

- I think Connor detoxing from his "leveling out" meds is a terrible idea for him as a person, but for drama on a television show? There is nothing I want to see more than him rail again.

- Day-um, that better be a roommate, Tariq! What happened to being unable to get close to someone again because it will always bring back PTSD flashbacks of what Kal did to you? That was one of the most mature, self-aware comments a character has ever made. Don't prove it to be all talk. That would have been an interesting journey to watch unfold. So if that's not you, this better be the last we see of you. You're boring if not struggling. #SorryNotSorry

- $5000-$10000 in one lump sum is a lot, but I feel like the average person spends that on therapy, no problem. They just don't realize it because it's over time. I'm not justifying this cult. After all, this is only the first amount they're going to ask for. I'm thrilled Connor thinks its ridiculous, but it's just another disappointment for him, and that really will add up to life or death down the line.

- Beth, you don't deserve him!

- At least Sabrina thinks ahead. I'd be more worried about in a few years, when her parents want to see the nice place she has on her resident's salary, and she's still living in a hole in the wall.

- This bitch is horrible. Way to rile him up, let him slide into a puddle in front of you, and then leave him with a bill. Connor needs a puppy.

- Well, if Raquel is going to use this credit card scam for retribution, I can't really blame her. But when you get paid per swipe, the temptation is always going to be too great to just go wild.

- Kal's puppy dog look at the door is KILLING me.

- This final scene with Tariq and Kal is perfect. I can't even comment on it. It's just everything it needed to be; it's everything it should be; it's everything.

- I know these episodes need to end on a cliffhanger, but Tariq saying good-bye should have been how this one closed out. Sweet, simple, sad, and deeply weighted. It is still so fascinating that though Kal was the one walking out, the story is going to follow his journey. Tariq was something of a victim in that situation, and his voice deserved to be heard, but he picked himself back up in a way that doesn't make for great television. Flawed characters are the ones to worth watching, the ones able to relate to.

- And now Abby gets addicted to pills? I'll say it again: it is surprising there are no traditional users on this show.

- One bombshell at a time, Sabrina. If they're okay with you dropping out, they're probably not going to be okay you lied about it for two years. And did you take their tuition money, too? Yikes.

- I'll admit that when I read the episode summary saying Sabrina gets cut off, I felt bad for her, but now I just think she's getting what she deserves. Though, Nick is right, there is comedy in here. Just for him, not her.

- Oh Simon, did you call your dad to ask about the stupid bubbles? So smart, but so naive. And is it me or do these kids not look like they actually belong to him?

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