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Live-Blogging 'The L.A. Complex's' "Now or Never"...

The L.A. Complex' "Now or Never"

- Simon's (Michael Levinson) line delivery on "Dad" was so heartbreaking. This kid's gonna be a huge star. Also, the way he sticks it to Raquel (Jewel Staite)? Perfect in a different way. I can flash into the future to see him directing her someday.

- Guerilla filmmaking and one-take wonders at their best. I was going to harp on Raquel repeating herself with this "no loan" broken record, but this is just genius. Stealing shots with extras who didn't even sign release forms included!

- Why would you think she was dead!? When your mind goes to the worst possible place like that, it says more about you than her. Did you kill someone? You kind of look like a frat boy rapist, not a murderer. But I guess it's a slippery slope. Look at just about any Lifetime movie.

- Beth (Dayle McLeod), let your father spend his money on you. It's the least he can do. Literally.

- I wonder if Kal (Andra Fuller) ordered this sculpture online or if he sent Rook (William Sleeps) into some store to pick it up... Also, his dad is still living with him!? Where has he been!?

- Congrats, Nick (Joe Dinicol). Now Sabrina (Georgina Reilly) is your financial problem. Good luck with that.

- How the hell are these kids going to get a famous name that isn't Connor (Jonathan Patrick Moore) for their silly little trailer? They lost Ellen Page! And they have no money! But logic aside, I just need Connor and Raquel to be thrown back together, however ridiculous the scenario. She can shake some sense into him or at least get under his skin enough to make him question for himself.

- Eddie (Ennis Esmer), "Charlotte's Web" is not a cute reference in this scenario. They may have been estranged for two decades, but that's still his sister, man! He doesn't need that image in his head.

- Who would have thought Eddie would be the voice of reason!?

- I'm not going to lie: I totally assumed Connor knew about Scienetics but didn't care because he was so broken. The fact that he had never heard of it or its crazy theories makes me wonder what else he's ignorant about. Clearly how manipulative some women can be. While Charlotte (Tori Anderson) probably really did want to find her big brother this whole time, it certainly helped that when she did, he had money, so she could fill her pyramid scheme quota by bringing him to Roxanne or Zulu or whomever.

- I'm totally stealing Sabrina's "My doctor says it's stress-related..." line for people who annoy me. #SorryNotSorry

- We keep getting all of these little tastes of potential Kal tracks, and I need to hear the full cuts! That EP better be dropping next week, as originally planned. I also really want Kal to get to a place where he comes out on a track, just lets it slip in naturally, and see what happens-- what the response is, who even listens closely enough to notice, etc.

- Nick's attempts at helping, though cute, are ridiculous. He didn't even put a straw in that mug. How does he expect her to drink it? But I do want to see him wear her down. She's taking her nervousness out on him, but if she gets the gig, she'll treat him well when celebrating, and hopefully it will come out at least even in the end.

- If Connor starts using the Scienetics people to his advantage, then Raquel really has rubbed off on him as much as I hoped. But it's just another way that proves people get ahead in this town based on who they know and the crazy little clubs they go to rather than hard work and merit and stuff.

- No, Abby (Cassie Steele), he's not going to Afghanistan; he's going back to the country club.

- I wonder what Dynasty (Dayo Ade) has heard about Kal's dad over the years, in previous music...

- It's hard to believe Raquel wasn't counting her swipes to keep track of how much she was making.

- Oh, Simon, your dad never went to the Yukon. He was probably a janitor or committing his own version of identity theft or something. I don't buy anything this guy is saying. And all I see in Simon is a younger version of Connor-- younger in numerical age but the same in emotion. Simon just wants a dad the way Connor does, and I just want him to actually lean on Connor for that.

- Wait, I don't get it: why would Connor feel more confident already? He signed over a big chunk of money, and he's drinking gross cleanse shakes, so he should feel lighter, but that's not the same thing. It's no wonder damaged individuals get all twisted up in religions like this, the advice this woman is giving him is so solid otherwise.

- "Ha! Please don't sue me" is the cutest "ask out" this show has ever done. Way better than pushing Beth into take her SATs. However, I hope Raquel never cashes that rain check. I want her with Connorrrr!!

- It's kind of a problem that when Nick says he got Sabrina supplies, I immediately assumed he meant feminine products. I know she doesn't have crippling cramps right now, but he's just that type of guy.

- Why do all of the guys who fall for Abby seem too good to be true? Does she really attract the best people ever? How? She's one of the worst! No wonder I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop.

- Ugh, Infinite Jest (Stephan James). I thought we were done with him and his stupid neon everything.

- Oh, geez, for a minute there, I was convinced Nick was going to manage to get this job, too.

- Raquel, you might want to lead with "no pay." Or, you know, I lost our baby. Or something-- anything-- real. Regardless of whether or not it would be healthier for these two to hash everything out or just ignore it and move on, as they are, I can admit it: I've missed this.

- As terrible as Beth's dad is, I'm not really sure how she plans to win here. He's still Simon's legal guardian, and I doubt she'd want to stay in L.A. on her own. Actually, even if she wants to, I doubt she physically, feasibly, can because he's the one with greater opportunity to earn a decent living right now. 

- Nick, clearly Sabrina doesn't hate being helped. She let her parents "help" her into paying all of her bills. What she hates-- or at least fears-- is how close you guys are getting.

- Today, Connor, you can be a man. Today, Connor, you were a better dad than this guy, your own, probably any of these lost souls' parents ever were. I wish it had been a little bit more of an argument, though. This guy folded a bit too easily. Someone that selfish wouldn't have given in, even if everyone around him knew he should.

- Kal won't be able to see it, but this conversation he is having right now is the healthiest discussion in a relationship any of these characters have ever had. It's a back and forth; it's one party helping the other with problems. It's a spark of hope.

- All I want is Kal to be able to be okay with who he is enough to tell his father the truth. Even if he figures the guy can't hear him, it will show major growth. But damn, this show is getting rid of complications quickly!


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