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Live-Blogging 'The L.A. Complex's' "Xs and Os"...

The L.A. Complex's "Xs and Os"

- Leave it to the artsy film school kids to make Connor (Jonathan Patrick Moore) look like a pedophile.

- I ship Kal (Andra Fuller) and this lawyer so hard right now!

- All Nicks on TV right now wear these bummy red hoodies. I want to buy this Nick (Joe Dinicol) a real jacket.

- It should be illegal to have bad judgement, Connor! But seriously, this scene of him being interrogated bothers me a lot. For someone who has self-esteem issues and is always looking for authority figures to please, he certainly seems to pull "cover my own ass" stories out quick enough. But just a few scenes ago, he couldn't "play around" in a scene with Raquel (Jewel Staite). So which is it, show? Right now, his character is being manipulated based on what the show needs him to be at any given minute. Nice commentary on the life of an actor in general, but it doesn't seem intentional at all-- just like the show moves so fast they figured no one would notice.

- Is Simon (Michael Levinson) the new Wilfred?

- Is there where Abby (Cassie Steele) wakes up and realizes she married an axe murderer or something? I'm kind of hoping the relationship doesn't stick...just so I don't have to learn this guy's name.

- This lawyer has such good advice for Kal. Too bad it's exactly what I said Kal should do last week.

- I feel bad that Charlotte (Tori Anderson) is learning just how little her cult family cares now that Connor is in a jam, but I'm glad her eyes might be opened sooner rather than later. It will be a true test of her character to see if she crumbles or if their teachings really did inspire self-esteem, at least enough to do something on her own. I have no qualms that she can help with the seriousness of the situation, but I want to see her try.

- I don't know what to do with this "campus tour" scenario. It's uncomfortable, sure, but Beth (Dayle McLeod) has no reason to be mad. Though, I totally sympathize with wanting to punch this snobby overachiever in the face. The way she said "Oh, you'll have so much fun!" at Beth considering studying English was like she was talking to someone who actually doesn't speak English yet. And late for her own lecture? Gross and entitled. Dislike button.

- Sabrina's (Georgina Reilly) half of the phone call reminds me of a bad audition. She has the inappropriate affect, and her mind doesn't seem to be on the scene.

- Who would have a plushie at a bat mitzvah!? And a giant bunny? It's not Easter!

- Oh man, watching Connor walk through the police station in that terrible suit, it looked like he worked there. Or at least was doing research for a role on a procedural.  

- Good intentions but terrible decisions must really run in the Lake family...but I'm oddly intrigued and somewhat hopeful by her ability to be so open and vulnerable with complete strangers. She may be covering for her brother, but she's using the truth to make her story credible. And maybe (hopefully) she's smart enough to know that with her history, she's a candidate for deep therapy, not jail. But if someone doesn't point out that she wasn't even in L.A. when Connor's house burned down, so help me...

- Raquel, you are a better liar than this!


- Wow, Abby is not a cheap date. Connor got off easy with "just" the morning after pills. Who knew an annulment was so costly? Then again, weddings and annulments make Las Vegas go 'round. California is broke; we should look into a new business. Clearly the best film and television production is being outsourced.

- There's no way this girl is dumb enough not to see what's going on between Kal and Chris (Jarod Joseph), right? I so want her to be his new BFF, Will & Grace style.

- It took longer than I would have liked, but I'm so glad Raquel is up to blackmail. I like it when she's consistent.

- Also, I know Chris is busy being there for Kal and everything right now, but I really wanted him to end up being Connor's lawyer. I like when paths cross like that. It makes this town seem smaller.

- I was wondering if Abby's marriage was for a green card. I completely forgot she was the one who would need one in that scenario. He seriously just seems too good to be true. If they stay married, she will cheat on him like no one's business. And probably pawn the ring. No, lose it. Knowing her, she'd lose the ring.

- How are these jokes working!? Bunny costume or not!? Why does Nick get so lucky all of the time!? Geez, maybe he and Abby sold their souls or something. That'd be a twist. Eddie (Ennis Enser) is the Terry O'Quinn of The L.A. Complex? That kind of hybrid fan fiction kind of writes itself.

- It's kind of mean for Beth to be led around campus like this. Sure, she's going to fall in love with it, and how the hell will she pay for it, let alone juggle all of her plates, time-wise? However, I love the fact that even this show uses the boring books section of the library for people to have sex in. First Friends, now my new favorite show.

- No, this bag joke is still not funny. Not even for tweens. I don't get it. Maybe if he had his bunny head off, and they thought he was cute they'd let the dumb jokes slide. I refuse to believe kids today have that terrible of taste. Though I guess Justin Bieber's insane popularity proves the point for me.

- Geez, Kal, way to soften the blow of telling a religious man his only son is gay with telling him he's paralyzed. 

- Okay, months ago when I first started doing interviews with the cast of this show for their premiere, I asked those I spoke with how they felt about their characters being actually talented and just needing their big break or the kinds of kids who have dreams, but there's a reason they aren't succeeding past just not knowing the right people. I admit that at the time, I was mostly thinking Nick was the weak link-- it was after I first heard his bag material, after all-- so to now actually see the character faced with the question of quitting for a comfortable, well-paying, industry-adjacent gig is fascinating to me. It didn't come up in the story how I expected it to, but I'm glad it did nonetheless. It's something anyone in this business but not (yet) a millionaire wrestles with often, myself included. Sometimes it just helps to see how others, even fictional ones, handle it.

- Scienetics cleaning up Connor's mess is only going to

- True story: I said "Those weren't yours" about 15 seconds before the annulment guy did. Hire me.

- I'd rather Kal can't tell his dad rather than tell his dad but use the f-- word to do so again. But taking Chris' hand in the hall? The biggest baby step I could have asked for.

- His favorite movie is It's A Wonderful Life!? Abby, your husband is so vanilla!

- I love Sabrina's optimism at the casting people "only bringing back 50" people. I'm not even being sarcastic here. I love the highs of this business. I really don't have anything to compare them to because I've never worked anywhere else, and I don't do drugs or even drink. But there is so much competition here, and so few real chances, that when something goes right, you just have to push all other thoughts out of your mind and celebrate it for a moment. Be in the moment.

- This show really is The Kal Show, and I'm not complaining. He's been given the most consistently emotional character work to tap into. His story has never once felt rushed or contrived, or worse, the plot driving the emotions. He leaves the screen, and you (or at least I) find myself wanting to leave with him to know what else he's going through, who else is in his life, what's going on day to day. He commands attention, and in a cast this big and flashy, that is the highest compliment.

- I have to wonder if Beth's dad left so quickly and seemingly willingly last week because he was just going to turn around and call CPS. No one else at The Lux seemed to care that a little kid could be floating in the pool, cramping their day drinking style. 

- Whoa, Charlotte, your mother did an even bigger number on you than your dad did on Connor. I didn't get the Ben and Kate incest vibes at all between you two. Ever. And you are two very attractive people. But he's just so childlike and innocent, and now you had to ruin it. I hope Raquel pushes you in the pool, Melrose style!

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