Saturday, September 1, 2012

What DanielleTBD is Watching on The CW for Fall 2012...

Gossip Girl (Mondays, 9 p.m.) - It's the final season, so how could I not tune in to see how it all ends? Admittedly, I have not watched every episode. When the show started out about snooty rich prep school kids in Manhattan, I had no desire to watch a sensationalized fictional version of my own childhood unfold on television. I also couldn't forgive the show for never releasing Dan Humphrey's book as a companion novel to the series. But all that being said, I'm still curious about who the real title character is, and I still want to see how they can justify the abusive relationship of Chuck and Blair being the one that ends it all (as I'm sure it will) without celebrating such dysfunction more than they already have. (starting October 8th)

Hart of Dixie (Tuesdays, 8 p.m.) - Zoe Hart made an impetuous choice at the end of the first season to "go for it" with Wade. Though I have been a hardcore Team Wade supporter since the beginning, I feared the worst-- that this could be fleeting because she'd wake up in the morning and regret what she'd done and that would hurt him enough to send him running back to his old ways and terrible townie girls. Season two, I have been promised by the showrunner, sees Zoe making her choice almost immediately, though, and that Team Wade fans will be very happy with the events that unfold. Even if all this means is that Wade burns his clothes in anger and has to spend the season naked, I'll take it! (starting October 2nd)

Arrow (Wednesdays, 8 p.m.) - Not being a comic book fan (nothing against them but nothing specifically endearing them to me either), I didn't expect to love this superhero drama as much as I did. It's darker and grittier than I was expecting, though, perhaps in part because I don't really know the tale behind it. The moments when Oliver is marooned on the island, stripping himself down to a core belief system that will forever change the way he relates to everyone and the world, himself included, prove to become more plentiful as episodes unfold and that kind of internal struggle while battling external forces meant to distract is my jam. The love story gone wrong with Laurel is heartbreaking and enticing in its own way. And I have to really respect the show for answering conspiracy theories about the father's death and the mother's involvement right off the bat. Oliver is a man who has come back to a world that expects something very specific from him, only he has outgrown that world now. There's something universally relatable in there that is just told in a heightened, more fun way with his bows and arrows and salmon ladder exercises. Besides, scars are sexy! (starting October 10th)

Supernatural (Wednesdays, 9 p.m.) - Jeremy Carver worked under Eric Kripke during Supernatural's golden years, and he is such a true fan of the show-- one who actually cares what the other fans are thinking and saying about the program-- that I have no doubt he's going to take the jumping off point Sera Gamble left him with the exploration of Purgatory and and run wild with it. So far the season is shaping up to deliver on everything I love about the show: a twisty mythology that can't get wrapped up neatly at the end of twenty-something episodes, a couple of meta moments, the introduction of new characters and styles, and the return of old favorites. It's eight years in, but this show is revamping itself once again, and that's the key to longevity. (starting October 3rd)

The Vampire Diaries (Thursdays, 8 p.m.) - It took the show a lot longer than the books to turn its heroine into a vampire, but it has done so at such a pivotal moment that now all of the character relationships and dynamics will be shaken up once again. I've never cared as much about the love triangle as most other fans have, but I am for the first time truly fascinated to see how each guy responds to Elena's new "state." This will say it all about who truly loves her and wants what's best for her-- even if it means being selfless and hurting themselves. With a bunch of new hunters coming to town and their once greatest ally now technically on the other side, the power will shift once again. But furthermore, I can't wait to see how they manage to bring Klaus back! Julie Plec manages to catch me off-guard in just about every episode, but it's not even the cliffhangers that get me; it's the emotion she pours into some pretty unreal situations. The fact that I'm as excited as I am for the new season to start says a lot about her writing because I was just not that into the show when it first started. I was convinced the concept wasn't going to be for me, and then she gave me something I never expected but secretly always wanted. It's when shows can go beyond your expectations that they are true talents. (starting October 11th)

Beauty and the Beast (Thursdays, 9 p.m.) - I can't deny that this pilot didn't instill confidence in me for the series to come. However, what won me over on the show were the actors themselves, each so genuine and thoughtful about their roles and the underlying themes and arcs and struggles to come, that I really want to see the things we spoke about get carried out-- some in subtle, subtextual ways and some more overt. I can't deny that the fight sequences are pretty cool, and there is that part of me that is rooting for this one simply for the nostalgia of the incarnations that came before it (I defended the Melrose Place reboot until the bitter end, even though it completely softened one of my favorite TV bitches of all time). I just hope they do a lot with the past-- to show the greater conspiracy behind Vincent's "turn," rather than just look ahead at the case of the week elements that will allow him to shine-- or scare. (starting October 11th)

Nikita (Fridays, 9 p.m.) - With Percy dead, one would think that our titular heroine is sitting a little more comfortably than she has in the past, but the wild card that is Amanda is still floating around out there. There aren't necessarily greater or lesser challenges to face, just new ones, and as bonds deepen, it may be harder to see each other side by side in the field and not act rashly to protect each other, even if it means putting one's self in harm's way. There's something just so beautiful about this new kind of family that Nikita has assembled with her "team." And as we learned about her last season, for as much ass as she can kick, she really doesn't have a high self-esteem. Hopefully these people can pump her up just as she has done for them, but either way, Maggie Q will raise the bar for the kind of emoting action stars need to be able to do. (starting October 19th)

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