Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Celebuzz Fall TV Preview: 'Arrow'...

If you’re already a fan of the Green Arrow comic books— or of previous retellings of the story on other CW dramas (such as Smallville)— you may want to push aside what you think you know about former playboy-turned-vigilante Oliver Queen’s plight. The CW’s new dramatic series, simply titled Arrow is not out to copy or remake but instead tell its own version of the tale of this tortured individual.

“If you come into the series with a certain expectation based on what you expect from this network, just in terms of tone and just in terms of subject matter and the way that we deal with it, I think you’ll be very surprised,” The Arrow himself, Stephen Amell, said when Celebuzz visited Warner Bros.’ Vancouver set of his new superhero drama. 

“Whether you’re a television viewer that’s interested in interpersonal relationships or really kick-ass action, you’re going to get what you’re looking for,” he added. “The places that we’re trying to take this and the locations that we’re using and the unflinching nature of the storytelling technique is going to surprise people.”

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