Monday, October 15, 2012

Celebuzz Interviews: James Cromwell & Joseph Fiennes for 'AHS: Asylum' and Blake Jenner & Alex Newell for 'Glee'...

If you’re an acclaimed actor like James Cromwell, you can pretty much have your pick of new roles and projects, but he admitted that his newest one, Ryan Murphy and FX’s American Horror Story: Asylum is in a genre he normally does not enjoy... [MORE

"Blake Jenner on His Glee Debut, Singing With Cory Monteith, and Ryder’s Struggles With Dyslexia"

"His name's Ryder Lynn. He's a really good athlete at McKinley, but he's struggling, and you don't really learn how until later. What Ryan Murphy released the other day was that he's dyslexic, and that something he's been dealing with for a long time, since he was a kid. You really see he's gotten to where he's at by himself because he doesn't want anyone's help," Blake Jenner said of his Glee character when we caught up with him in Hollywood, Calif. this past weekend... [MORE]

"Glee’s Alex Newell Teases ‘Marique,’ ‘Big Songs’ Ahead, Lobbies for Unique’s Love Life"

Alex Newell may not have officially won the first season of The Glee Project, but since his guest appearance on FOX’s Glee has turned into a recurring role for this fourth season, he has been crowned the real winner in his own way" ... [MORE]

"American Horror Story: Asylum Star Joseph Fiennes Teases Howard and Sister Jude’s Tension"

"Like any good working relationship, there's a little bit of manipulation on how to run the institute. They both have points of view on how to run it and certain colleagues that might get in the way," Joseph Fiennes teased American Horror Story: Asylum Monsigneur and Sister Jude relationship when we caught up with him in Los Angeles... [MORE]

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