Sunday, October 14, 2012

Celebuzz 'Revenge' Recap: Grayson Family Secrets Come to Light...

Revenge sure is known for its cliffhanger endings for individual episodes, not just season finales, but last week’s “White Haired Man turns on Emily” left a liiitle something to be desired because Aiden (Barry Sloane) had to rescue the damsel in distress. And if season one (or even the underwater scene in the second season premiere) taught us anything, it is that Emily (Emily VanCamp) can take care of herself!

But the complications that would surface from Aiden coming to Emily’s aid and potentially opening old wounds from their shared past would set up a layer to the twisty journey on which Emily plans to take the Graysons.

With the White Haired Man’s chapter of Revenge closed—and not the way Emily would have liked—she is playing things closer to the chest and manipulating the men in her life to do their own dirty work that just happens to coincide with her own master plan. She is one heroine who is trying to have her cake and eat it, too, and other than that pesky Amanda (Margarita Levieva) having Jack’s (Nick Wechsler) baby problem, she might just be succeeding.

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