Friday, October 19, 2012

'Community' Cast Has a Message For Fans...

Community isn't premiering today after all. In fact, there is still no confirmed premiere information for its fourth season at all, though speculation leads me to believe it will Pop-Pop back on the schedule in January, after 30 Rock has completed its final season run. 

But the cast of Community feels the fans' pain. They don't love shooting episodes in a bubble as much as we don't love not getting to see the episodes they're shooting. So today the cast released a very special message to tide us over until Greendale is officially back in session.

And in true Community fashion, they don't just make jokes; they make you question existence as we know it!

But until it is, maybe we can convince Donald Glover and Danny Pudi to just give us weekly webisodes of Troy and Abed in the morning!?

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Theresa Blight said...

Nice one. They later visited our live in care center for some charitable deeds. Kudos to the boys and best wishes to their endeavors.