Wednesday, October 24, 2012

From LA Examiner: 'Arrow' Spoilers & Team Tommy Talk?; 'Suburgatory' Halloween Preview; Spend Your Halloween with 'The Following'; FOX Winter 2013 Premiere Dates; 'The Vampire Diaries' Photos...

"Arrow meets Deadshot: 6 Things to Know about the soon-to-be iconic episode"

You already know that the third episode of the first season of Arrow is when Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) comes up against Deadshot (Michael Rowe), but it also the episode we meet Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards), and the one in which we get our first glimpses of just why Oliver dons the green hood and chooses a bow and arrow as his weapon of choice. We had a chance to pre-screen the action-packed and emotional episode, “Lone Gunmen,” and here is what we think you should know... [MORE]

"The Following to stalk your West Hollywood Halloween"

In promotion for FOX's upcoming serial killer drama The Following, the network announced today a very special (and scary!) stunt for Halloween. At a number of popular parade spots, including right here in Los Angeles at WeHo, men and women will be walking around with special writing on them... [MORE

"Parker Young & Allie Grant talk Suburgatory couples on Halloween"

Emily Kapnek already spilled the beans about Dallas (Cheryl Hines) taking a big step and asking George (Jeremy Sisto) to dress in a couples’ costume with her for Suburgatory's second season Halloween, but it turns out that’s the theme for just about everyone in Chatswin this holiday season. And why shouldn’t it be? With such adorable pairings, you’ve got to show them off, right? ... [MORE]

"FOX announces 2013 premiere dates for The Following, American Idol, Touch"

FOX has announced today the Winter 2013 premiere dates for two returning series and one highly anticipated new one. Take a look at the schedule below and let us know in the comments section what you plan to check out! ... [MORE]

"Colin Donnell pleads his case for "Team Tommy" on Arrow"

Though so much of the draw of Arrow may be the Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) push-pull relationship, it wouldn’t be an intriguing drama if they were happily reunited this early, right? She is still hurt from him cheating on her and by partially blaming him for her sister’s death, while he is so focused on his vigilantism he tries to keep her at arm’s length in order to keep her out of the line of fire. But if all that wasn’t enough, the show complicated things even further by having Laurel hook up with Tommy (Colin Donnell), Oliver’s best friend, while he was “away"... [MORE]

"PHOTO PREVIEW: The Vampire Diaries flashes back to the 12th century"

November sweeps sees a big stunt for The CW's The Vampire Diaries in a flashback to the earlier days of Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and his brood in the twelfth century and a frat party-- all in the same episode... [MORE

"PHOTO PREVIEW: Uncomfortable alliances on The Vampire Diaries"

The Vampire Diaries is about to see an unlikely alliance when Stefan (Paul Wesley) re-teams with his old partner in crime Klaus (Joseph Morgan) in "The Killer." What could possibly bring them back together? Why, the danger that is the new hunter in town, of course! ... [MORE]

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Nick Murphy said...

I loved this episode of Arrow and I can’t wait to see more of it! This has been a great series, and I even have my coworkers at DISH watching it, and they don’t even read the comic books. I have been recording every episode with my Hopper and I am going to re-watch every one of them once the season is over. I am so happy with where this series is going so far, and I don’t think any other new show is better than this one!