Friday, October 26, 2012

From LA Examiner: Connie Britton Performs on 'Nashville'; Joshua Jackson Talks 'Fringe'; 'Parks and Rec' Wedding Plans; '666 Park Avenue' Halloween Spoilers + Photos; 'Malibu Country' Advance Review...

"PHOTO PREVIEW: Connie Britton takes the stage on Nashville"

The social media buzz surrounding Nashville's Rayna (Connie Britton) and Deacon's (Charles Esten) Bluebird Cafe duet was so great last week, we like to think it was responsible for ABC releasing the single on iTunes after all. But if you think things heated up then, you may not be able to handle the "We Live in Two Different Worlds!" ... [MORE]

"Joshua Jackson talks major Fringe reveals, callbacks, & challenges in season 5"

Get ready, Fringe-heads, because the fifth and final season is chock-full of little tidbits just for you. Just because the Fringe team find themselves in a new world and time in 2036 doesn’t mean they have lost the very elements about their characters and their stories that endeared them so to their fans in the first place... [MORE]

"Amy Poehler, Adam Scott, & Mike Schur on the Parks and Recreation proposal"

It isn't common for a special Halloween episode of anything to make a viewer, let alone a reviewer, tear up, but Parks and Recreation has as much heart as it has humor, and it literally knows how to surprise you. Thanks to Ben Wyatt's (Adam Scott) "Halloween Surprise" proposal, October 31st has a whole new kind of romantic meaning... [MORE]

"666 Park Avenue scares up Drake secrets for Halloween"

The first few episodes of 666 Park Avenue have been focused on introducing the colorful characters of the infamous Manhattan luxury high-rise and just how entangled each may be with mysterious Gavin (Terry O’Quinn). But as little pieces of the relationship dynamics unfolded, so came the questions about just what Gavin—or the Drake in general—had to gain by making deals with the residents to fulfill their desires. In a very special Halloween-themed (appropriate, no?) episode entitled “A Crowd of Demons,” though, we finally get some answers... [MORE]

"Fall 2012 TV Preview: ABC’s Malibu Country"

We won’t lie to you: back when Reba McEntire had a self-titled sitcom about a woman whose husband cheated on her, raising her teenage kids, and not getting along with an over-the-top younger counterpart, we thoroughly enjoyed watching the weekly, situational antics. It seemed a throwback to simpler times in sitcoms, and it provided wholesome family fun while still keeping a modern edge. But we just can’t say the same positive things about McEntire’s new sitcom about a woman whose husband cheated on her, raising her teenage kids, and not getting along with an over-the-top younger counterpart. Malibu Country may be a tale told years later and in a brand new setting, but its premise and humor is pretty much identical to what we saw McEntire do in Reba. And we refuse to settle for a lesser copycat when we can just watch reruns of the original... [MORE

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