Friday, October 19, 2012

From LA Examiner: Joshua Malina Talks 'Scandal'; Noah Bean Previews 'Nikita'; 'Supernatural' & 'Arrow' Photo Previews...

"Joshua Malina previews his "Beautiful Mind" Scandal plan"

“I apologize for nothing!” Joshua Malina laughed as he sat down with LA TV Insider Examiner to talk about the twists and turns his Scandal character has taken of late... [MORE]

"Noah Bean previews Ryan's new Division on Nikita"

Nikita may still be told through the titular rogue agent's eyes, but when the series returns for its third season, there is someone new in charge. Nikita (Maggie Q) had been dead-set on taking down Division so she could "get out" and live a life with Percy and Amanda and the government in her rearview mirror. But now she has to answer to Ryan (Noah Bean), who steps in and creates a "new Division" in order to "dismantle it from the inside." The bottom line is still the same, though: Nikita is not out yet, and sometimes working for a friend means you butt heads more because you don't just defer to his expertise... [MORE]

"PHOTO PREVIEW: DJ Qualls returns to Supernatural in season eight"

Sometimes even the best hunters need a little help, and the Winchesters on Supernatural may no longer have Bobby (Jim Beaver) to turn to on such occasions, but they may just have the next best thing...Bobby 2.0?... [MORE]

"PHOTO PREVIEW: John Barrowman meets Oliver Queen in court on Arrow"


It's the time so many of you TV heads have been waiting for! That first look at John Barrowman as the "Well-Dressed Man" on The CW's Arrow... [MORE]

"PHOTO PREVIEW: Arrow meets DC villain Deathstroke"

It's so hard to pick which side of Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) we love more on The CW's Arrow: the snazzy suited-up billionaire in Starling City or the really rough around the edges survivor on the island. Luckily the two sides to him kind of meld together when he slips on his green hoodie, warpaint, and bow and arrow bag, though. And what wins out over everything else, every time, is a dark, damaged vigilante! ... [MORE

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