Wednesday, October 3, 2012

From LA Examiner: 'Suburgatory' Premiere Photos; Exclusive 'The Challenge' Clip; Nashville', 'Arrow', & 'Chicago Fire' Advance Reviews; 'Arrested Development' Fan Contest...

"PHOTO PREVIEW: Summer comes to an end in Suburgatory's season 2 premiere"

When Suburgatory finally returns to ABC later this month, the summer has turned into fall for Chatswin just as it has for the viewers. This means Tessa (Jane Levy) is on the train back to George (Jeremy Sisto) after spending the summer in New York City, dancing at clubs and finding her mother's music. When she returns, will she have the air of a more mature girl who can no longer relate to her "small town" friends? ... [MORE]

"Parker Young previews response to Shay family secrets on Suburgatory"

In the first season finale of Suburgatory, Lisa (Allie Grant), and the audience by extension, learned a deep, dark Shay family secret when she found stockpiles of her brother Ryan's (Parker Young) blood in the family tool shed. And in the second season premiere, she wastes no time in using her new knowledge to her advantage with her parents... [MORE]

"Exclusive: Watch Teams Brooklyn & Fresh Meat battle it out on The Challenge"

With Austin losing for a second time to Fresh Meat in The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons arena, divorcees Melinda and Danny were sent packing leaving one less team in the competition. Now 2-0, Fresh Meat may be stronger than anyone is anticipating. Or are they? ... [MORE]

"Fall 2012 TV Preview: ABC’s Nashville"

Though there will undoubtedly be ample parallels drawn to Country Strong-- or Smash, just set in the country world-- if you have to compare Nashville to something, it should be "The Spoiler," a novel by Annalena McAffee. "The Spoiler" tells the story of two journalists-- one comes from the old-school, "just the facts, ma'am" style of reporting; all substance, all the time; while the other is a flash in the pan tabloid writer who barely spends the time to research the subjects about which she is writing. One is being pushed to pasture, while the other is just coming up. One represents what the industry was when at its best, the other the future of the industry, for better and for worse. Such is the case here with Nashville, and the characters from Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere, but if this show is to represent the future of the television industry in general, then the future has never looked brighter... [MORE]

The pilot of Arrow acts as the perfect hour-long trailer for the epic story about to unfold. Scenes as they stand are oftentimes more soundbytes than fully fleshed out pieces of the story, and they do the job of pumping you up for the action to come... [MORE]

 Chicago Fire opens kind of quietly, as just another day in an all-too-important Fire Department house in Chicago. The call comes in, the trucks rush out of the station, and the guys inside are jovial, smiling, seemingly light and young on the job. They arrive at a routine house fire to learn there might still be a guy upstairs in the attic, and they bust each others’ chops about betting on who will save him. But just as quickly, things go bad, as there is no venting when one firefighter climbs into the attic through a window and is basically engulfed in a Backdraft style wave of fire. His death should be felt by the whole house, but it really only weighs heavily on the chests of his two best buddies, and the guys on opposite ends of him with that rescue. And thus enters the main tension of Chicago Fire's pilot... [MORE

"Netflix offers Arrested Development fans a chance to win a Walk-On in L.A.!"

Hop-ons are so a thing of FOX's past! Now that Arrested Development is back in production with Netflix, walk-ons are all the rage... [MORE]

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