Wednesday, October 10, 2012

From LA Examiner: 'Supernatural' Promo Photos; Men of 'Nashville' Chip Esten Edition; Stephen Amell on the 'Arrow' Love Triangle; 'Made in Jersey' Canceled; Matt Bomer Coming to 'The New Normal'...

"Supernatural tackles a 'found footage' episode (Photos)"

Remember a few seasons ago when Supernatural introduced us to the Ghostfacers and then dedicated a whole episode to seeing the things that Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) hunt through their eyes-- and camera lenses? Well, it's season eight now, and if you thought they were cranky about crossing paths with a bunch of amateurs back then, just wait until you see "Bitten!"... [MORE]

"Charles Esten on why you will root for Nashville’s Deacon, even if not with Rayna"

There is an interesting phenomenon that occurs with even the smartest relationship dramas that feature love triangles of any kind. No matter how well-fleshed out characters may be on the page and on the screen, and no matter what direction the actual story takes regarding who is together at any given time, projection of what an audience member wants to believe about the relationship skews that audience member’s viewing of the show. In the end, though, doesn’t that just make the whole experience that much richer? The best kind of television is that which inspires you to think—about the characters, plot, and yourself... [MORE]

"Stephen Amell hopes Arrow’s love triangle will be as epic as 90210’s" 

One of the things we already love about the Green Arrow himself, Stephen Amell, is that he truly appreciates pop culture and never has a problem throwing a reference or two into his interviews. Which is why when we were on set* with him talking about the love triangle that has formed on Arrow simply because Laurel (Katie Cassidy) never received closure with her relationship with Oliver, we were thrilled when he admitted he wanted to see that kind of relationship drama become as intricate and intense (including from the fans’ side of things) as that of the original Beverly Hills, 90210... [MORE]

"CBS pulls Made in Jersey from fall schedule, replaces with Undercover Boss"

The bad news has just begun for Fall 2012 TV. CBS is the first network to cancel a new series, their heavy-accented but low-rated Made in Jersey... [MORE]

"The New Normal nabs Matt Bomer as [SPOILER]"

Ryan Murphy may have just delivered us the best news of the day. Matt Bomer will be heading to The New Normal for a guest appearance in this freshman season! ... [MORE]

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